Tires And Relaxing With Charlotte Gainsbourg

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that during the evening or night my former male classmate JC and I drove to the parking lot of a multi-story multi-purpose building to search for something or someone inside the building, I can not remember what or who, but I know that we were not supposed to be there.

I know that part of the building was a college (maybe we were students or former students or we just knew this area somehow) and part of it was a hospital but some other possible parts of the building were maybe a police station, military section, science labs, and maybe some other areas; and there were security guards, police officers, and maybe some soldiers guarding various areas along with some security cameras.

There were doctors, scientists, and other people walking around various areas as my former classmate JC and I walked around the building cautiously and separately searching for something or someone, and I remember walking through parts of the building on different floors (there were elevators and maybe some stairs) at least four times before stopping because I was afraid that the security would become suspicious if we kept walking around the building.

We did not find whatever or whoever we were searching for, I decided that we should abandon the mission for now to be safe, and so we went back outside to the parking lot to leave; but one of the tires on my former classmate JC’s car was flat, and so we tried to deal with this.

I decided that we should drive away from the parking lot somewhere else nearby to fix his flat before the security comes investigating, we went to do this but then one of my back tires had a problem where the rim was starting to separate from the tire, and so we drove to a parking area on grass on a hill over a field near the building where mostly college students and other people like to hang out; and we were familiar with this area.

Some of the students and college professors would park on the hill and walk across a land bridge to the building and/or the field, we parked at the edge of the hill near an area where you could sit on the grass, and when we got out of our automobiles to work on our tires somehow a younger and curvier and more attractive version of the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg was with me/us; and she convinced me to relax with her instead of working on the tires, and so I guess my former classmate JC worked on the tires while we relaxed.

Somehow it was day now like maybe it was morning time and the dream felt very nice and relaxing now, some college students were starting to arrive in the field to play sports and hang out, and I remember Mrs. Gainsbourg laying across my lap; and I remember her taking her clothes off like she was going to try to tan or just relax nude, I recommended that she keep her clothes on but she did not, and so I covered her with a whitish colored towel with horizontal blackish colored stripes.

Some female college students sat on the hill area to relax as well, I remember laying with Mrs. Gainsbourg just talking and relaxing, and she kept moving closer to the edge which was dangerous; and I told her this but she told me not to worry, at some point she started to fall pulling me down with her, and so I grabbed her and told her to hold on to me and then I grabbed the edge as we fell to stop us from falling.

I stopped us from falling as I hung on the edge, under this area was a nice area covered by the land that we were falling from, and so it was a nice shaded relaxing area on the ground with sitting and laying areas; and so I jumped down to it as Mrs. Gainsbourg held on to me, and I remember explaining to her that we almost got injured or died because she did not take my advice.

She started smiling and laughing and joking about it, then I realized that it was a bit funny and so I started smiling and laughing as well, and then I noticed two women walking toward us to sit in this shaded area with us; and Mrs. Gainsbourg was naked again after our near fall, and so I covered her with the towel again but somehow it covered her like a nice bikini and it felt nice and silky and soft.

We continued relaxing and talking as Mrs. Gainsbourg sat across my lap, I remember her skin and the towel/bikini feeling soft and silky and nice, and it seemed that we were dating maybe; and the dream felt very nice and relaxing, we just enjoyed the view and moment, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr