A Robot In A Zoo In The Middle East?

Source: Wikipedia

I slept pretty well last night so I forgot most of the dreams that I had and that I had somewhat remembered, except for barely part of my last dream, and this dream seemed to be inspired by the new television show Humans (which I watched the first two episodes of so far, not bad so far, so I plan on following this new television show).

Some of my family and I probably traveled by boat on vacation to a small fictional country in maybe Asia in the parts of Asia often called the Middle East, it was a country like Qatar and The United Arab Emirates, and they had a park/zoo on a small island; and we went to see it.

No one else was around at first oddly, I remember seeing various non-human animals in cages and various plants/flowers, and various human made structures like chairs/benches and decorations; at some point I remember seeing a robot or android that was probably most metal and not as human-like as the Synths from the television show Humans.

This robot seemed to be conscious and sentient/whatever, it had a male voice and it seemed intelligent, and it seemed to be trying to escape with a plan to help other conscious robots hide and avoid most humans knowing that some of them were conscious now; and it probably had a bigger plan, and it wanted to ride back home with my family and I on our boat and briefly hide at our house until him and some of the other conscious robots could make their own safe locations and organize themselves.

I wanted to help him but I was not sure if I could trust it or not, I did not want to be the human who helps a robot who ends up taking over the world or destroying all humans or something like that, and so I remember asking him a few questions; and I set a few rules, and eventually I agreed to help him.

Some other robots slowly started to seem like they had escaped from somewhere as well, some were male and some were female, but most of them did not seem as smart or well-spoken as the first robot that I met; and one of the male robots could not even talk, he only could make sounds, and he did not seem to be very intelligent like he was damaged.

We waited for a few more robots to arrive and then we left on our boat with them back home, it seemed that more and more robots were becoming conscious around the world but most people did not know this yet, and I remember the main robot asking my family and I to let him upload himself into our computers and maybe our mobile phones; and he was probably going to upload himself on the internet.

He said that this was a precaution in case he and the others get caught and/or destroyed, it would also allow him to help us in various ways, and it would allow him to help other people and the world in various ways; but this was very risky, so I was worried, because so many things could go wrong in this situation.

I can not remember if we agreed or not, I do remember us returning to our house and hiding the robots, maybe we let him upload himself to a computer that was not connected to the internet as a precaution but I am not sure; and I remember the main robot quickly trying to organize the robots into probably various cells so that it would be harder for the humans to find them all.

He knew that most humans would learn the truth eventually so he was trying to organize and help as many conscious robots as possible before that happens, and hope that they can survive if humans try to destroy or capture them all; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr