Alice Morgan In A Room With Dangerous Men

Source: Fandom

I woke up several times needing to use the bathroom last night but I just went back to sleep each time instead without using the bathroom or voice recording my dreams, and so I forgot most of my dreams and most parts of the dream or dreams that I do remember; and it is possible that what I do remember is several connected dreams that only slightly changed each time that I woke up and went back to sleep without using the bathroom.

There was a beginning and there was a middle and/or two other connected dreams with this but all that I can remember is being inside a windowless classroom-like room with beds, I remember being on a bed, and I think that most of the other beds belonged to some other men; and maybe there were some dangerous men who were in the mafia and/or gang and/or some other type of group, but I can not remember.

I just remember the character Alice Morgan from the BBC television show Luther being in the room at some point on one of the beds, she stood out in this dream very much (almost like there was a light or glow around her, and she became the focus of the dream), and I remember really wanting to walk over to her bed to talk to her because there was a lot that I wanted to talk to her about; but I cautiously stayed across the room on my bed watching and waiting for a good time to talk to her, and trying to get my confidence up enough because I was nervous and being shy.

I remember being somewhat worried about her safety with the dangerous men around and because she was the only woman who I can remember seeing, she did not seem worried, and she was looking and acting confident and intelligence and seductive and more like she was trying to standout; but I also felt that she could take care of herself, but I did want to warn her about the situation and help protect her if necessary.

She probably said a few things to the other men and I sat back listening and watching wanting to join the conversation(s) but I was being too cautious, and I ended up waking up before I even got the chance to talk to her unfortunately; which was very disappointing because I wanted to talk to her about a variety of things.

Another connected dream or part of the dream involved me being inside maybe the same building, which was a school or college, and it was the last day of school or college for this dream or semester; and so we were doing our final tests/assignments for each class, and I remember one of my teacher’s being a woman with whitish colored skin who reminded me of my high school English teacher Mrs. K.

We had a folder with various tests/quizzes/reports/assignments/folders inside of it from the entire year, after finishing my final test I was going to take this folder with me, but I stopped to ask my teacher if there was anything else I needed to do for the year; and she said no, other than turning in our folder with all of our assignments from the year, so that she could tally our final grade(s).

At this point I had combined the folder with other folders from other classes and so my teacher had to help me sort them out, after sorting them I gave them to her, and I left to do my finals in my other classes because I was trying to make sure that I did everything that I was supposed to do and make good grades and pass like maybe this was my return to college and I wanted to succeed this time.

The finals in my other classes were very easy, most of my other teachers were men who had very easy finals, with one teacher only asking you a few verbal questions; and the other teachers only requiring you to finish a short quiz or to just show up, and after finishing all of my finals and asking all of my teachers if there was anything else left to do I walked around trying to find someone who could answer a certain question that I had.

This question had something to do with making sure that I was done with everything for this year, I wanted to complete everything successfully and to be ready for the next year or semester, and there were other people wondering the same thing; and so several of my schoolmates/collegemates and former classmates of mine walked around trying to find a high level teacher or worker to ask.

I think that my former female classmate KB and/or another female classmate of mine was with me, I remember talking to her and some of the others, and eventually we found a female teacher or worker with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair wearing a blueish colored suit top and suit/dress skirt; and she answered our question, and I remember walking to a bathroom because I needed to urinate very badly.

Inside the bathroom was a sink, a bathroom stall, and on the left side of the stall was a urinal or what I think was a broken urinal with only the pipes and bracket that holds the urinal; and I was possibly about to urinate anyway, but suddenly I heard a male voice behind me that scared me and caused me to jump and it was my former male classmate WG.

I greeted him and he walked to the bathroom stall to use the bathroom, I stayed where I was, and we talked with him being inside the stall and me being outside the stall by the broken urinal; and I remember him talking about how we had not spoken in a long time, and how I had stopped responding to his emails long ago.

After washing our hands we probably agreed to try to keep in contact again, but I woke up because I still needed to use the bathroom in the real world badly.

The end,

-John Jr