A Man Playing An RPG With A Prison Area

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, it involved me watching various let’s plays/gameplay videos of video games maybe on YouTube, and most of them involved a role-playing-like video game being played by a man with whitish colored skin.

The man was playing as a male character in the video game who would go around getting various quests/missions from various NPCs/video game characters, and he would try to complete their quests.

The character had a home with a basement / underground prison-like storage area where he would store items, unfinished quests, and the NPCs who gave him the uncompleted quests so that he could have easy and quick access to them all in one location; and each item, quest, and NPC was in a different prison-like cell.

At the entrance gate you could get a list of everything that is stored, where everything is located, information about each thing, and you could activate quests to try to complete them; and you could just enter through the gate to look at each prison-like cell/storage area separately.

I remember the man using the gate to activate some quests and then he went to complete them and he would return to the gate, then he could clear all completes quests and remove the items and NPCs associated with them from the storage if he wanted to, and he would do this with most of his completed quests.

I remember him going to talk to some of the NPCs in the prison-like cells to ask them about their quests, I remember one of the prison cells having a topless female NPC with nice breasts in it but I can not remember the details other than him visiting her several times, and some of the quests he still could not complete for various reasons; and so he would move to the next unfinished quest, and return to the hard quests later but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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