A Theon Greyjoy-Like Man Being Sexually Abused By His Mother

I went to bed super late last night and I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream, which possibly took place in the future on a different planet (a human colony), but I am not sure; and I possibly was not even in the dream, but I am not sure.

The main character of the dream was a woman who possibly was not human even though she looked human, she had special powers that she kept hidden around/from other people (humans), and one day a group of people entered her home claiming to be there on official business like maybe they were investigating her (one of them looked like Theon Greyjoy from the television series Game Of Thrones).

The people questioned her, searched her house, threatened her, messed up things in her house, and more; and one of them, a woman, even killed some of her pets (maybe some fish) by taking out her own eye and putting it in the fish tank and her eye killed the fish on its own and she put her eye back in after it was done.

After killing her pet(s), the people revealed that they had lied and that they had powers as well and they were whatever species she was (if she was not human), and they left her with a warning from who ever had sent them to threaten her; and they left.

It seemed that maybe the woman was possibly in a position to maybe one day inherit a powerful position (maybe she was royalty or something like that) that someone else wanted maybe, and maybe they wanted to scare her from ever holding that high-level position; but I can not remember.

When the people returned to their home(s) they were angry and disgusted with themselves, they did not want to do that to the woman, but they were so afraid of whoever had sent them that they did whatever that person or those people told them to do because they were afraid that they would be killed if they did not.

As they all separated there was a very uncomfortable scene of the man who looked like Theon Greyjoy being in his dark room on his bed, his mother was in the room with him and she had most of his body covered with a paper-like sheet as she stood on his bed over him, and she was telling him that she wanted him to stay strong and be strong like maybe a Duke or something that maybe he was destined to be or something.

Theon looked like he did when Ramsay Bolton was torturing him, it seemed that his mom had been sexually molesting him most of his life and that she was trying to turn him into a strong Duke-like man one day or something strange-like that, and it seemed that she was possibly doing a ritual or using her powers on him; and then she removed the sheet from his body, and I assume that he was naked but I could not tell because the view moved behind his mother was now near his lap like she was possibly about to perform oral sex on him and then have intercourse with him.

The view then move to Theon’s face, he looked broken and like he wanted to cry but he was holding it back, and like he was trying to block out what was happening to him; it was very sad and disturbing, fortunately the dream censored itself, and I woke up before much else happened.

The end,

-John Jr

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