A Vampire Mission To Steal A Lamp

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I think that most of it took place outside during the evening or night, there was probably some action and interesting things that happened that I can not remember, and this dream was possibly connected to and/or similar to the second and third dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside a building with my former male classmate DH, we both seemed to be police officers/detectives and partners, and we were wearing dress clothes and we each had a pistol; and we were going through many dark and dimly lit mostly bathroom-like rooms looking for and dealing with threats.

There were many places where we could be ambushed by surprise and so we had to move cautiously and stay close to each other watching each other’s backs, sometimes we literally had to stand back-to-back to avoid getting flanked by threats, and it was a bit scary and intense; but we seemed determined to do our job and find and clear all the threats, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly started in the same building from the second dream or a slightly different version of the same building, I am assuming that a male Malkavian vampire attacked and turned a woman into a vampire who looked like the actress Milla Jovovich as her character Leeloo from the film The Fifth Element, except that her futuristic clothing covered most of her body normally instead of being very revealing like in the movie.

The woman woke up later in one of the dimly lit bathroom-like rooms, she was now a vampire and she now seemed like a combination of Leeloo and Harley Quinn from Batman, and a male voice (probably the male Malkavian who turned her into a vampire against her will) sent her on a mission to steal a lamp made by a famous designer in maybe the 1930s – 1960s; and so she left to steal the lamp.

The lamp was in a small building that was like a motel room/museum where there were several lamps on display in a small motel-like room with a bed and other furniture, it was closed for the day, but she went inside the room and she found the correct lamp; and then she went to sleep on the bed because she was tired from getting turned into a vampire and not feeding yet.

The vampire who sent her could communicate with her in her mind I guess and I guess he could see that she was at risk of being found and possibly arrested which would increase the chances of humans finding out that she is a vampire and that vampires exist, which would break the masquerade, and so this vampire communicated with me probably in my mind like maybe I was a Malkavian vampire too or a ghoul or just a human who he somehow could contact; and he sent me to get the female vampire and the lamp before she gets herself arrested, and so I drove to get her.

The next morning the owner of the building and lamp collection saw the female vampire sleeping on the bed in his building, he woke her up telling her that she was not supposed to be there, and she said that she had been tired and that she had needed to rest; and that she would leave soon but she needed a bit more time to rest, and the man walked off like he was going to either give her a few more minutes or he was going to call the police.

I arrived in my automobile and I got the female vampire out of the bed and she took the lamp and we left in my automobile before the owner could return, I communicated with the vampire who sent us to let him know that we had the lamp and that I had the female vampire and that we were on our way to return it to him, and as we drove I talked to the female vampire about how she almost got arrested.

I felt sorry for her and I felt that it was wrong that she got turned into a vampire against her will and that no one had explained things to her or taught her yet, and that she was sent on a mission immediately after waking up after being turned into a vampire and that she had not even been fed yet; and I gave her some advice as we drove.

I did not like the vampire who was ordering us around but I guess he had some power over us or something like that, I remember wanting to do all the missions that he had so that we would not have to deal with him anymore, and I remember the female vampire and I doing several missions on our way to give the vampire who sent us the lamp that he wanted; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr