A Brothel Owner Who Looks Like Hercule Poirot

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was probably at a store with a woman who possibly was or reminded me of my former female classmate CW, and I think that we meet a man with whitish colored skin who the woman knew and who she was probably dating; and at some point we probably left outside somewhere else in the city during the evening or night.

I think that we were on bleachers in a field or park or recreational area, the woman and the man were busy with each other, and so I walked across the field to a river to skydive in and around the water; but I can not remember how I kept flying in the air each time after landing and swimming, either an aircraft or something else kept lifting me up when ever I was ready to skydive again, or I could briefly fly.

At some point we left to the business where the man worked, it was a brothel and he worked as a prostitute along with other men and women, and the brothel was owned by a man who somewhat reminded me of Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie’s Poirot except that his personality and appearance were slightly different and he probably had no mustache.


The brothel was divided into three sections which were basically lower class (budget), middle class (average), and upper class (expensive) which each had different decorations and rules and costs for each section; and the Hercule Poirot-like man started walking us to maybe the middle class or upper class area where the man worked.

The woman was playing some music from her mobile phone or portable music player but the Poirot-like man said that type of music was not allowed in the section where we were going, he stopped to explain the rules to her, and I walked ahead to scout the area because I seemed to be there to make sure that the woman was safe and that she would return home safely; and I was a bit suspicious of this place and the owner, and I assumed that he had hidden cameras around the building watching everyone.

I entered the section where the man worked, his room was on the right side of the entrance, and each room had a small sitting area outside of it with a computer desk and computer and couch; and the computer monitor was a large flat screen widescreen monitor, and I could see the desktop and the mouse cursor was moving like someone was controlling it.

The man was inside his room so I assumed that he had another computer in his room but that all the computers inside the rooms were connected to the monitors outside the rooms so that the owner/et cetera could always know what they are doing on their computers, but that was my wild guess.

After looking around I sat down on the corner couch outside the man’s room until the Poirot-like man and the woman arrived, the woman went inside the room with the man (I assume that she either was getting a discount or that it was free because she was probably dating the man), and the Poirot-like man walked off to continue running his business.

I sat outside possibly reading a magazine or a book and glancing around at the computer monitor and other things as I waited for the woman to finish so that I could take her home safely, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr