July 21, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a transitioning dream that transitioned smoothly to other things several times without me noticing, at first I was not even the main character of the dream, I was following a man in a video game-like dream world where the dream looked like real life but the man’s NPC/computer controlled helpers looked like video game character.

The man was playing a game that was possibly somewhat inspired by the video game Soldier Of Fortune because his helpers looked like the character Hawk from that video game, he was sent on a mission to kidnap and/or assassinate someone or something like that, and so he sneaked into a multi-story apartment building from an underground tunnel by climbing up a ladder; and I followed him and his helpers who looked like Hawk.

The man possibly had to restart the game several times but I could be wrong, I remember a few shootouts with guards and some other mistakes happening, but at some point after losing his helpers he sneaked down a hall into a room where he found a man who he took hostage and was going to kidnap and/or kill; but a woman with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair was walking up the hall to the room like she thought that something bad was happening.

The man took his hostage and walked to another area that was a small grocery-like store, possibly owned by his hostage, and I followed them as he tried to hide the man and blend in with people shopping as the woman looked around suspiciously; and at some point I walked off to another part of the apartment building to a room where my mom and my brother GC were.

My mom was cooking chicken in a stove/oven and my brother GC was doing something in another room, at some point my mom got the chicken out of the stove but it was burnt on the bottom, and so she put the pans on the ground; and then she took them one at a time to pry the chicken from them.

I saw a cockroach crawling in one of the pans on the floor and another roach crawling toward the pan, I killed the roach in the pan and then the one outside the pan, and then I killed a third that was going toward the pan; and I told my mom and my brother GC about this, and then I probably briefly looked around for more roaches before leaving to another area inside the building.

I remember walking into a grocery store that had a small restaurant in it, it reminded me of BB’s Grocery Store on Westside in the city of D, and my former female classmate JH worked there; and I remember sitting in the restaurant area at a table talking to my former classmate JH, her fictional female friend who had whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair with unique eye makeup on her eyelids and around her eyes, and one of their male friend’s who had whitish colored skin.

There was something strange going on where it seemed that someone was messing with time sometimes, like maybe they had the power to restart time or go back in time or something strange like that, and sometimes things would change like someone had used this power; and at some point I suspected that it was my former classmate JH messing with time, so I asked her if it was her, and she smiled and she looked like it was her but she did not answer the question.

Her friend interrupted and said: “I don’t want to have sex with you.”, I assumed that she was talking to me, I thought that she said: “I want to have sex with you.”; and so I was confused, and I responded to this by asking her if she was talking to me and I asked her to repeat what she said and I probably asked why she said this because no one was even talking about sex.

She told me that she was talking to me and that she did not want to have sex with me, I told her okay and thank you for repeating what you said and that I never mentioned wanting to have sex with her, and she started ignoring me so I turned back to ask my former classmate JH if she was the one messing with time again but she was gone.

I still assumed that it was her and that she sneaked away when her friend distracted me, I got up to walk to another room, and I remember making a dessert in a stove that was a cake and then put some cheesecake-like stuff on top of it; and then I started searching a kitchen/restaurant/hall/medical clinic-like area for a container(s) to put my dessert in, and this area was possibly part of my parent’s house because I expected to find our containers there (which makes no sense).

There were workers cooking and taking food to customers, this confused me a bit because this seemed to be part of my parent’s house so I assumed that they allowed a restaurant to use it during parts of the day maybe, and then I pretended to be a worker holding a metal pan as I looked for our containers; and then I saw a male doctor with whitish colored skin with a male probably doctor in training who was my former male classmate JC and his dad, and they were checking patients one at a time as they stood in line.

My former male classmate CB was one of the patients and he was talking to them telling them about how he was still living in the city and that they probably had not seen him in a while because he was probably in prison after some people accused him of killing their friend, while they were distracted I found our containers in some cabinets near them, and I got them.

I was surprised to see my former classmate JC training to be a doctor and I was surprised to see my former classmate CB and him at the same time, I did not want them to notice me though, and I sneaked away to put my dessert in the container; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr