July 28, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day, I remember standing in my parent’s yard by the storage buildings when I saw my male cousin DE standing by the kitchen window in The G House, and he saw me so I waved at him; and to my surprise he smiled and waved back, and so I smiled back.

My cousin DE signaled for me to walk over to the window, so I did, and my cousin DE opened the window asking me to help him fix/remodel parts of The G House; and so I told him that I would come take a look at it to see if there was anything that I could help with even though I have no knowledge/experience/training of/with things like that, and when I walked to the front porch I saw his dad my former uncle DW.

My former uncle DW asked me if I knew where the Habitat For Humanity office was because he wanted to see if they could help fix/remodel parts of The G House for my cousin DE for free or for very cheap, I told him that my mom and I had visited one of their offices in the city of LC a few years ago, and the next thing that I remember is that the two of us were in the city of LC during the day not far from S Community College and the Habitat For Humanity office.

I told my former uncle DW that we were almost to the Habitat For Humanity office and I pointed to where it was, we could see part of the building from where we were standing, and I explained to him that things worked differently than he probably thought based on what they told us when my mom and I talked to them years ago; and I told him this to prepare him for disappointment because I did not think that they would help for free or for very cheap, but the dream jumped in time again.

Now my cousin DE and I were driving around a city going to different places during the evening and night, my cousin DE was being nice mostly and he was more stable at times, but at other times he was a bit unstable and his personality would change between: nice/normal, overly positive/energized, a bit feminine/homosexual, a bit aggressive/mean, and maybe several other moods.

I remember us sitting at some bar-style seating in a restaurant with other people, my cousin DE was sitting too close to me and he would sometimes put his head on my shoulder, and he was somewhat acting like we were on a date or something; and this made me uncomfortable, and I was noticing his constant mood/personality changes that made it clear that he was still unstable.

I remember trying to keep my distance and wondering if people were mistakenly thinking that we were a couple, there was another time jump in the dream, and this time my cousin DE and I were in an automobile with some of my family still in this fictional city; and my cousin DE went inside a pizza restaurant to get pizza while we waited outside in the automobile.

It was taking longer than it should so my mom and I went inside the restaurant to see what was going on, my cousin DE was getting his pizza and pizza for the rest of us (we gave him the money for it earlier), and my mom handed a female worker with whitish colored skin her D Card so that we could get a discount on the pizzas; but the female worker would not accept it saying that the person buying the pizza has to own the D Card.

My mom explained that we share the D Card and that she had given my cousin DE the money for the pizzas and that he was with us, the woman still refused to accept it, and she pulled out a piece of paper with maybe locations of other pizza restaurants who might accept it; and then maybe she and the other workers walked away like they were going to call around to find out if anyone would accept the D Card.

Magically the pizza restaurant was now inside a waiting room-like area near the entrance of a shopping mall-like building, there were other people hanging around this waiting room-like area, but my mom was gone leaving my cousin DE and I waiting for the workers to return; but they never returned, and so tall and muscular security guards came to move everyone away like the pizza restaurant was closing so I walked near the entrance but my cousin DE was gone.

Suddenly maybe some of the security guards and/or people in the crowd started arguing, then several of them started fighting, and at some point a man with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who was fighting got hurt bad enough that blood was squirting out from his body; and so the fight ended, and so he walked off to the bathroom to clean the blood off him.

He had to pass the group of people and I near the entrance so we backed away to avoid the blood, but the blood still squirted on some of us; and some of it got on my shirt, pants, and even my socks; and so I rushed to the bathroom as well to try to wash the blood off before it could dry or get on my skin.

Once inside the bathroom I started putting water on the blood spots and trying to wipe the blood off, I took off my socks, and I wanted to take off all of my clothes to clean them but I did not have any other clothes to wear; and so I could not do that.

While I was trying to wash the blood off my clothes a somewhat drunk somewhat older over-fat man with a pot-belly with whitish colored skin entered the bathroom to use the urinal near the sink where I was at, he started talking to me by saying: “Hey, I know you, you are that performer; the one from the city of BR!”.

I told him that he must be mistaking for someone else because I was not a performer and I was not from the city of BR but I was from L, he then asked me what was my middle name, and so I told him; and then he continued talking to me, and at some point he said something to me that sounded like he was trying to flirt with me.

This surprised and confused me and made me feel a bit uncomfortable because I never had another man trying to flirt with me before and my sexual orientation is heterosexual, he noticed my reaction, and he apologized saying: “That was just the drunkenness/drunk me talking I guess.”.

I assumed that he was still mistaking me for someone else, whoever that performer was (at this point I was wondering if that performer was a male stripper or something like that), and so I wondered if there was someone else out there who looks like me; while I was thinking the man washed his hands, and left.

I then started to think about if I should go buy some clothes, take my clothes off in the bathroom and rinse them in the sink to get rid of the blood, and then change into the new clothes; and I wondered if I had some extra clothes in the automobile, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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