A Man Testing Out Skyrim Summons

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I had a somewhat long dream that I remembered part of when I woke up needing to use the bathroom, I waited a moment to try to remember more before getting up to use the bathroom, but I accidentally went back to sleep without voice recording the dream and without using the bathroom; and so now I only remember a few random pieces of maybe two or more similar or connected dreams.

The dream or dreams took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D, I was possibly living in a dorm or apartment at a school or college that somewhat reminded me of D High School, and so some parts of the dream or dreams took place at the school and/or college and the dorm and/or apartment.

At some point I remember walking away across the parking lot and walking across the city until I reached an area past downtown past the I Theater, I remember there was a man there testing out summons from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and some fictional summons like: Conjure Dremora Lord, Conjure Wrathman, and two fictional summons of two women with yellowish/whitish colored skin with short blackish colored hair. (This part of the dream was inspired by Gopher’s Lets Play Skyrim (Chapter 3) : Dawnguard playlist)

The man was trying to figure out which summon was the best overall, he wanted to rank them, and he probably wanted to know which summon was best in certain situations; and so he was comparing what he assumed were the top four first, and then he wanted to do a tournament/test of all the summons next.

The two fictional summons each were of women who looked basically the same (maybe twins), one had a magical attack that rained a large blackish colored block and maybe some other things down on her opponent, and the other had a sword; and I watched him summon each alone, against other opponents, and then against each other.

He was hoping for a summon that had close and ranged combat and that was balanced enough to be used in a variety of situations against even powerful enemies, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr

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