Niska And The Chosen One?

Emily Berrington in Humans (2015)
Titles: Humans, Episode #1.4
People: Emily Berrington
© Gary Moyes; Kudos; AMC
Source: IMDb

There was more to this dream that I can no longer remember, and all that I can remember of this dream now is part of the end of the dream; which took place inside a small windowless room inside a building, and maybe this room was a bank but I can not remember.

Inside the room was a woman who was or who reminded me of Niska (Emily Berrington) from the television show Humans, there was a pregnant woman whose baby was either The Chosen One or who was the child of The Chosen One (Alex Lannon) like on the television show Dominion, and there were probably one or more people with the pregnant woman; and there were probably some workers and random people there, and I was there as well.

A group of people were after the pregnant woman and her baby, I think that they entered the room, and Niska and some of the other people with the pregnant woman probably fought them; and I probably joined in to help them fight against the attackers, and I guess we won the fight but I can not remember.

Niska, the pregnant woman, and the others with them escaped but the group who were after them called in two independent contractors who were partly transformed werewolves it seemed; and they sent them to track them, and capture them.

One of the partly transformed werewolves was tall and partly hairy, he had good tracking skills and he was tough but he could not speak well, and he was possibly a bit mentally handicap; and the other partly transformed werewolf was smaller and weaker and smarter, and he seemed to be the brains and in charge.

I think that the partly transformed werewolves were probably brothers, they entered the room, and then they started tracking the others; and they left in an old maybe 1970s style van, and they were driving during the day through the downtown area of the city of D after the others.

Somehow I either was experiencing things from the smaller werewolf’s point of view or I was temporarily driving the van, the road had some pot-holes that we hit that you could feel, and you could feel the roughness of the road because of this van.

The road past/passed the I Theater was mostly destroyed somehow after the others drove through it, it looked like sinkholes all over the road, and their van almost fell into one but they managed to drive to the side of the road without falling into it; and they called the group who was paying them, to tell them that the road was messed up, and so they would have to try to find another way around it to continue tracking the others but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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