GC’s Finger Gets Cut Off

I had several dreams last night but I did not get out of bed to use the bathroom and voice record my dreams, instead I laid in bed thinking about one of the dreams, but then I went back to sleep without getting out of bed.

But to make things worse I got suddenly awakened by someone and I had to leave to do something, which caused me to forget all of my other dreams and most of my last dream, and so now I can barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the dream is that my mom, my brother GC, and I were inside a one-story  building with a tall ceiling that was probably a store of some kind but I am not sure; and near the end of the dream I remember us talking to several male workers with whitish colored skin at the store, and one of them was cutting meat or something with a knife at a small table.

My brother GC was talking to and standing near the man who was cutting something, he was probably talking to him about what he was cutting, but then I heard my brother GC make a noise in pain; and I saw that the man had cut off one of my brother GC’s fingers, and looked a bit like a chicken toe instead of a human finger I think but I could be wrong.

I ran over to find out what happened, to help my brother GC stop the bleeding, to get the finger into some ice to keep it cold, and to try to get my brother GC to the hospital so that they could try to reattach his finger before it was too late.

The man who cut off his finger did not care and he had no empathy, he did not apologize and he even acted angry at us, and it seemed that he probably did it on purpose because my brother GC was pointing his finger too close at something when he was asking him a question about it; and I remember arguing with him a bit, and asking his manager and the other male worker for ice.

My mom waited on the manager to get ice but he kept stalling and wasting our time, it seemed that they were going to pretend that it was an accident and lie about it, and they were stalling; and we were running out of time, and I probably argued with them and I was getting pretty angry.

I felt like fighting the man who cut my brother GC’s finger off, he even bragged about it or something, and I maybe even dared him to try that on me; but I think that I possibly had my mom call the police, and we were still waiting on the ice.

Time was running out and so I was not sure if we should continue to wait on the police or rush my brother GC to the hospital first, I remember feeling very protective and like my family was under attack, and it was very annoying how the workers were treating us and I thought that this was real; but I woke up still feeling some of the emotions that I felt in the dream, and so I laid in bed thinking about it before going back to sleep because this dream was worse than what I typed but I can not remember those details and all of the things that they did and said to us.

Those workers are lucky that I did not realize that I was dreaming, very lucky, I would not have even needed or wanted dream security to take care of them; I would have taken care of them personally after making my brother GC’s finger grow back or reattach first, in the dream I thought that it was real life so I did not want to risk going to jail/prison, and so they were lucky.

I hope to see those workers in another dream again soon where I remember them and what they did, and where I realize that I am dreaming; and then they will not be so lucky.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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