Looking At Mods For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim And At Videos

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, which took place during the day at a one-story house where I assume that I lived with my family, and some of my family was there like my mom and my brother GC.

I remember looking around at and for mods for the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim looking mostly for mods to improve the magic system, especially conjuration because I want better summons, but I was probably looking at overhaul mods too.

I was in a bedroom doing this as I stood or sat near a window, some of my family would come in and out of the room to talk to me, and they were moving around different parts of the house.

I found some videos on the computer but I did not know who the videos were for or where they came from, some of the videos were pornographic but some were probably normal videos, I wanted to look through them to see what they all were; but because there were some pornographic videos and because some of my family was around, I decided that I would not look through them until my family left, and so I continued looking at mods but sometimes I would stop to look through the videos when I did not see any of my family around.

Some of my family kept returning so I never got far into looking through the videos to see what was all there, I do remember part of one pornographic video clip that had PS AR in it, and she was about to have sex with a man with light brownish colored skin with a very large probably fake penis or a surgically enhanced penis or maybe it was a real penis but I am not sure.

PS AR was in a good mood and I remember her laughing and smiling as they were goofing and joking around having fun and someone else was in the background talking and joking as well (maybe the cameraman and director), it was a short video clip instead of an entire scene, and so the intercourse was only starting at the very end of the video clip where PS AR was laying on something; and the man was standing up slowly trying to insert his penis as PS AR was laughing, but I exited the video which was about to end anyway when some of my family returned again.

I went back to looking at mods and then I started looking through the videos again, I found some normal videos, but I woke up before I could see what they were about.

The end,

-John Jr