A Dream Character Testing Dream Powers

Dream 1

After my first dream I woke up to use the bathroom and to voice record it but I quickly forgot my dream before voice recording it, I probably could have remembered some of it if I tried harder, but I did not want to risk having a harder time trying to go back to sleep; and so I went back to sleep without trying to remember the first dream, and so I can not remember it.

Dream 2

I had a second dream and a third dream, I woke up remembering part of both but I did not voice record them, and so I ended up forgetting the second dream as well; but I will try it here if I remember it later.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day, I remember walking toward the D Junior High School, and I remember talking to a man who was testing out what I will call a dream power/ability/superpower; and he was using/testing this ability to help him sense/find/detect/see/hear/et cetera threats/danger/et cetera in dreams through the eyes/ears/et cetera of all of his dream characters.

This dream ability took a lot of focus so he would probably stand or sit in one place concentrating, and it took so much focus because it allowed you to partly influence/control/manipulate/et cetera your dream characters; and see/hear/et cetera through them.

We quickly saw that downsides of it requiring a lot of focus which would leave you vulnerable, but this ability caused so unexpected negative side effects that caused his dream characters to become: aggressive, paranoid, hateful, angry, violence, et cetera.

The dream characters who(m) he was testing this ability on were outside at the bus stop area of the D Junior High School and some of them were some of my former classmates (mostly male) and their fathers, and some other people; and it seemed that most or all the negative effects were affecting/effecting the men, and it especially caused conflict between the fathers and sons.

For some reason the fathers and sons were the dream characters who(m) were effected/affected the most (their relationships with each other would become very negative), they would argue and scream and fight with each other, and hate each other et cetera; and so physical fights happened among them, and I remember running over to try to calm the dream characters down and stop the fights.

I was not sure why this dream ability would cause problems like this with dream characters and so I tried to investigate the cause(s) when I was not busy stopping fights and trying to calm dream characters, and so I tried to watch the dream characters closely and ask them questions.

Parts of the dream took place inside fictional dimly lit house-like indoor areas at the school buildings along the catwalk from the bus stop, I got to somewhat see and experience things from the point-of-view of the man using this dream ability, and so I got to somewhat see what it was like to experience things from the point-of-view of the other dream characters while they are being manipulated to be on alert for and to look for threats or signs of threats.

It seemed the dream ability was causing them to become overly cautious and obsessively on the alert for threats, they were always on the alert for threats when using this dream ability, and with no clear threats around they would start seeing possible threats in other dream characters with or around them (especially their fathers).

The man using this dream ability was pushing himself too hard and acting overly cautious and paranoid, I assumed that his mood/et cetera is what was causing this in the other dream characters, and so I assumed that you had to be careful to control your mood/et cetera when using this dream ability.

I talked with the man about this and I tried to get him to calm down and relax a bit so that we can test whether I was correct or not, I was curious to learn and test as much as I could because I considered the possibility of trying this dream ability myself one day, but I woke up as we were still experimenting and investigating.

The end,

-John Jr

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