Thor As A Secret Weapon

All that I can remember of this dream or dreams is that during one part of the dream or dreams I was inside a school looking for a bathroom, I found a somewhat large dimly lit bathroom with stalls and showers and sinks and urinals et cetera, and I remember spending a lot of time inside the bathroom trying to find a more private place to use the bathroom and/or to take a shower or something like that.

There were some other people coming and going from the bathroom, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

In another part of the dream or in another dream I was outside during the day in a parking lot that looked like the parking lot of the Walmart in the city of D, my parent’s and maybe one or more of my brothers and some other people were with me, and one of my parent’s automobiles was in the parking lot parked among the other automobiles in the parking lot somewhat near the hotel and apartments.

I remember us trying to use a vehicle, maybe a fighter jet and/or time machine and/or another type of vehicle, and maybe we were doing this because a storm or disaster was coming or we needed to help stop a certain situation or we were trying to transport this experimental vehicle back to the military or we were trying to go to another time period or dimension and/or something else that I can not remember; but I am not sure which of those things is correct.

I remember somewhat driving/moving my parent’s automobile and then I somewhat drove/moved the vehicle and/or fighter jet, something happened that I can not remember where I possible went/jumped to another dimension and possibly another time period, and there was a royal family and their kingdom who(m)/that were under attack by a/some power threat(s)/force(s); and so they were going to use their last hope/greatest secret weapon hoping that it would be enough to stop the threat(s).

There was a princess from the royal family with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair leading a group of what looked like New York-like police, detectives, and SWAT combined with maybe some fictional military/security forces and she probably had a female assistant/friend with whitish colored skin with her; and her mission was to go get their secret weapon, and she asked me to help her/them so I did.

Some of us jumped from her/their dimension to another dimension in the past to go get their secret weapon which was hidden in this dimension in the past, I can not remember how we did this, and we were inside a school that was like the school from earlier in the dream or in the other dream; and we walked into a classroom where a female teacher with whitish colored skin was teaching elementary school kids, but oddly they did not seem to notice us.

Oddly one of the students was an athletic young man (at least 18) instead of a kid with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair that looked fake like it was dyed yellow maybe or the yellowish color looked strange to me, we walked to the young man, and the princess asked him to follow us to a small storage-like room with an open door inside the classroom; and oddly the teacher and the students did not seem to notice probably.

Once inside the small room the princess explained that their secret weapon was Thor, the young man/man was Thor, and somehow her family and him/his were connected/had history/made a deal/whatever; and maybe she said that they sent him to this dimension in the past to hide him until the time that he is needed for a serious emergency situation like he was their last resort/last hope.

Something was wrong with Thor though, he did not remember who he was or that he had powers or anything really, and so the princess sat near him talking to him softly and somewhat seductively trying to explain things to him; and trying to remind him of his training/history/their deal/whatever/et cetera, and this part of the dream reminded me of The Mr. Charles tactic used in the film Inception.

There was no time to waste sitting around trying to explain things to Thor to help him remember who he was/et cetera so the princess decided to order her forces/security to take him to another dimension so they did, something happened during the her talk that made the dream seem semi-lucid (maybe because it reminded me of The Mr. Charles scenes from the film Inception), and I remember the princess possibly acting a bit strange and robotic briefly (which happens sometimes when my dreams suddenly go lucid, dream characters will sometimes freeze, and they will act a bit robotic only responding to orders/commands/questions/touch/et cetera from me until the dream stabilizing again).

The princess and I were still sitting in the storage-like room and I remember touching her, she had a thin whitish colored lace-like undershirt/whatever that was pulled down so her breasts were showing, and she really had no fat/muscle on her breasts so there was not much there except for small nipples with no areola or it was the same color as her skin; and she was thin, I could feel her skin and somewhat feel her nipples, and I remember kissing her on her body.

I remember her being on my lap as I touched and kissed her and then we went to start having sex/intercourse, I remember having a hard time trying to fit my penis in maybe so maybe only part of it/the tip would fit inside, but we got interrupted by her female friend/assistant before we could really get started; and then the princess started to act normal again, and we left to another dimension.

The next dimension had a multi-story building with an alley next to another building that was somewhat like a multi-story parking garage/apartment, it was day, and we went inside a police-like station to pick up more of her forces (New York-like police, detective, SWAT-like people like from the Law & Order television series or something); and then we went to another dimension with Thor to start fighting the threat(s) even though Thor was not ready, but slowly he was remembering things.

We jumped to the next dimension inside a store-like building where some threats were, we sneaked around so that we could sneak attack them, but then we realized that Thor was gone like maybe he sneaked away; and so we had to start looking around for him, we assumed that he jumped to another dimension, and so we jumped back to the dimension with the police-like station first.

I remember the security forces switching to tranquilizer pistols, it seemed that Thor was possibly not sure who he could trust yet because he still was slowly gaining back his memories but he still did not know enough yet to make sense of the situation or of himself or of his powers, and maybe he was running/hiding and attacking any of the security forces in his way; and I remember us searching the area, and around the parking garage-like building.

I decided to jump back to the dimension where some of the threats were briefly before going back to the dimension where the school was where we found Thor, to my surprise I saw Thor inside the store-like building where some of the threats were, and so I jumped back to the dimension where the police-like station was to let the princess and the others know.

We all started preparing to jump back to that dimension together to get Thor and let him know that we were not his enemies before he started to remember some of his powers, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr