Getting Scared And Paralyzed By An Alien

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream caused me to wake up suddenly and somewhat afraid, I did not get out of bed even after going back to sleep and waking up a few times with dreams that needed to be voice recorded, and so now I have forgotten most of my dreams including this one; but I do barely remember part of this dream and another dream which were inspired by an article on Disinfo (Disinformation) that I read last night about alien abductions called Alien Abductions: Skeptics, Debunkers, And The Facts At Hand:

All that I can remember of this dream is that the end of the dream took place in a large building during the evening and night, there were many people there, and I remember being in a very large room with many sitting areas and maybe some sleeping areas; and this room somewhat reminded me of the D Junior High School courtyard that is further from the cafeteria.

There was a man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was being forced to pay protection money/whatever to a gang, he paid a well dressed (female business suit and skirt) woman with whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair who was possibly a lawyer to negotiate with the gang and give them the payments each time, and the man hated doing this but the gang was threatening him/others; and the female lawyer/whoever probably told him that this was the smart thing to do, and she would negotiate a lower price and make sure that they were not cheating him too much.

I was sitting around this area when the gang approached the man and he sent the female lawyer/whoever to pay and negotiate with them, he was angry about this and he let them know it and they warned him, and later the female lawyer/whoever returned to let him know that things went well; and she probably warned him to be careful what he says to them next time, and she told him to keep paying them to avoid trouble.

She told him that things would be okay, he probably paid her, and she probably walked away; and I probably started talking to the man, but then he interrupted me asking me: “Do you see that?” and what happened after this was like real life combined with a slow horror film.

I turned around, we were closest to a wall with an opening to the outside like an open glass door or wall or large window where we could partly see outside to a yard or field of grass, and it was night but there was a bright light almost like moon light that was possibly pulsing / blinking on the ground slowly; but we both knew that it was not moon light, and we knew that something was not right.

We both seemed to suspect or feel or know that something negative was here and happening, like we were suspecting that it was an alien spaceship / UFO that landed with aliens, and as we stared intensely at the ground and the light we saw a non-human shaped shadow rising up on the ground like something was either getting closer and/or standing up and/or entering the area from somewhere like a spaceship in the distance.

We started to become afraid and we both probably said that they are here, like we both knew that it was aliens, we started to back away as the shadow got closer; and then we saw a maybe purplish colored non-human head starting to try to peek around the open wall/door/window, and we started trying to run for cover while warning the many people in the room but something seemed to be stopping us from talking/yelling.

I ran to another open room to hide but I got paralyzed, it seemed that maybe some of the other people saw it too but they were probably paralyzed like the alien/whatever froze everyone, and then I possibly saw the hands/fingers of the alien/whatever grabbed the edge of the wall/door that was open to the room that I was hiding in; and then it slowly peeked around the opening at me which made me even more afraid to my surprise like it had the ability to cause fear.

It was a maybe a purplish color and humanoid shape, hairless, maybe thin long arms/hands/fingers, and its head was probably shaped a bit different than a grey alien because I think that the top of the head was wider than the bottom in a somewhat odd shape and its eyes were probably smaller than a grey alien but maybe black like theirs but I can not remember because it was dark and I only got to barely see part of its head briefly; and I was very afraid oddly, like I had memories of being abducted coming back, like I remembered bad things happening to me and that bad things were going to happen to me again and that I could do nothing about it.

I am not sure how tall or big or strong the alien/whatever looked because it was hiding most of its body behind the wall for the two or three seconds that I saw it, and then I possibly heard it make a noise as it possibly ran from behind the wall super quickly toward me; and I was so terrified that I tried to yell/scream something but I was so paralyzed that I could only make a strange weak noise/sound, and I woke up suddenly in bed like I had made the sound in the real world and it was like I was thrown back into the real world or in bed.

I felt like I had really experienced something, had most of my memory erased and/or blocked and/or altered, that I was just put back in bed, and that I was just reacting to the beginning of the experience; like a missing time-like situation where you remember the last thing that happen before your memory goes out, and then once time starts back you are react to that last memory but it is already over and you do not remember what happened after that.

This freaked me out, I glanced around the room and at the window from the bed, I did a few reality checks, I glanced at my bed and my shirt to see if anything was unusual, and I started thinking about what just happened; and I felt afraid and I was probably shaking a bit, it was like a subconscious-like fear based on past experiences that you can not remember, and I did not get out of bed the rest of the night (it was possibly almost 6AM, but I can not remember) until this morning finally.

I am not sure why I was so afraid during and after the dream, it was like the alien/whatever caused the fear and that I remembered it or subconsciously remembered bad things happening to me done by things like it, and maybe because it seemed to have the power to paralyze everyone as well even in my own dream; and because of its face and eyes that I partly got to see and how it possibly ran or flew at me so fast and maybe the possible noise I heard when this happened so suddenly like a jump scare.

Dream 2

There was a lot more to this dream that I can not remember now unfortunately, so it will not make much sense, I remember the dream taking place during the day at several probably mostly connected maybe college-like buildings, and at some point in the dream someone was looking for my former classmate MB who I had seen earlier in the dream.

Later in the dream I was in a room with other people when my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC entered the room, they possibly had a baby or were going to have a baby or had someone else’s baby with them, and I probably talked with them and maybe I held the baby briefly but I can not remember; and I can not remember the details unfortunately.

I remember meeting two women who were possibly from the first dream who possibly were paralyzed and approached by the alien as well, they could not remember what happened to them after that either and they also wanted answers, and there was a man who was looking for my former male classmate MB who said that he was there too; and that he saw some of what happened to us, and he would share that information with us if we helped him find my former classmate MB.

We searched around until we possibly found my former classmate MB or where he last was, we finally got the man to tell us what he saw, and he told us that he saw us paralyzed and maybe he was paralyzed as well; and he saw the alien approach us, but that was about all that he could remember after that.

He said that the alien somewhat erased or blocked out most of our memories and that it probably planted some fake memories as well, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr