September 12, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of the end of my dream is that I was inside a large dimly lit windowless school or college-like building, I remember being in a large room with beds that reminded me of the middle room at E Manor, and other students were there as well including my former male classmate LT.

We had a limited number of beds so several of us were going to share a bed including my former classmate LT, an obese man who reminded me of or who was Felix from the television show The Strain, and another man; and I remember Felix and the other man laying on the bed as my former classmate LT and I sat on the floor, and we talked.

I remember thinking up a goofy/wacky idea and then I realized that this idea would probably make a good, simple, creative, fun, and unique video game; and I told this to the others, it was such a good idea that I wanted to record it so that I could remember it for later, but unfortunately I can not remember the idea now.

The bed was crowded so my former classmate LT was going to sleep on the floor, I stopped to look around for open beds and I found some empty beds that had names assigned to them, and one of them had the name John written on it; and so I decided that I would use that bed, and then I told the others so that they could look around for empty beds.

At some point I left, the next thing that I remember is driving during the day to get some food at the concession stand at the STC College, and I parked my automobile in the parking lot which looked like it was combined with a slightly fictional version of one of the parking lots at MSU College; and I walked to the building that has the concession stand in it, but I did not see anyone at first and the inside looked a bit different and bigger and more open.

At some point I saw a female worker with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, I asked her if they had any food, and she said: “No.”; and so I asked on what days do they have food, and she said: “Probably none because we broke, I mean, we are low on funds…”.

I told her thank you and as I was leaving I started to notice students arriving and walking around outside magically, I walked around the parking lot trying to remember where I parked but I could not remember, and I remember walking around almost like a Terminator when at some point I tripped but I managed to catch myself when I landed on the parking lot/ground and I started to slide on my hands and maybe elbows and on my knees until I was able to jump back to my feet.

I tried to play it off and so I did not look down to see if my hands and elbows and knees were bleeding or not, surprisingly I do not think that they were bleeding, and I continued walking while recovering from the embarrassment.

As I was getting closer to where I hoped my automobile was parked, I noticed a terrible-looking 18 wheeler/semi-trailer truck that looked like it had been in a wreck and/or somewhat burnt, and the driver was a man with whitish colored skin with his head on the steering wheel like he was dead or sleep or unconscious; and several other people walking stopped too, and we were trying to see if the driver was okay or not.

The 18 wheeler was not parked normally, it was not parked at all, and to my surprise it was not touching the car that was closest to it (I had assumed that it had wrecked into the car, but I was wrong); and we tried walking around and asking the truck driver if he was okay, but he was not responding.

I was about to call emergency services on my mobile phone when suddenly the truck driver woke up, and then he started to drive away so I did not make the call; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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