A Soldier Locked In A Gas Chamber?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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I had more dreams and there was more to this dream but I can only remember barely part of the end of the dream unfortunately, and the dream took place during the day and I remember being at a fictional hospital; and during some parts of the dream there were some strange paranormal-like things happening, and several threats that I can not remember.

I remember being in part of the hospital where babies are born, I got to see parents arriving at the hospital and signing in and going to the birthing room/wherever, and there were some men who were possibly volunteers who would go with the parents to help inform and comfort them during and after the process; and I remember following some of them during one of the parts of the dream where some paranormal-like things were happening with various threats.

I separated from the parents and volunteers to hide in a room in another building, it was a mostly dark classroom with soldiers (male and female) in it having a class, and along the left wall was some open urinals and toilets with no privacy; and I sat down on the right side of the room near the back where there was only one person behind me, a male soldier with whitish colored skin, but it was too dark to really see people well.

I tried to blend it, I needed to urinate so I got up to urinate in one of the open urinals, and it was so dark that I felt comfortable while I was urinating; and after I urinated I washed my hands, and I sat down at one of the desks but it was the wrong desk.

One of the male soldiers who had sat in front of me had been called up to the chalkboard / whatever, I accidentally sat in his seat, and as he was walking back I realized this; and I asked him if this was his seat and he said yes, and so I apologized and I sat back in my original seat.

Shortly after this I heard someone banging on a wall and screaming to be let out, I saw a light turn on where you could see that part of a wall on the left side of the room was a window to a metal containment room / gas chamber where a male soldier was locked inside of it, and it seemed to be a room for temperature and maybe tear gas training et cetera; but it seemed that it was possibly being used as a punishment room as well, but I could be wrong.

He said that he had been in there long enough and that it was getting too hot and/or there was not much air left and/or something like that, the male soldier behind me got up to go unlock the door like he was possibly the commanding officer of this unit, but something with the door was stuck preventing him from opening it; and so the soldier inside the gas chamber was panicking as the other soldier tried to get the door open.

I walked over to help as the soldier tried to hit and pry the door open, I can not remember if we got the door open or not, we probably did but I am not sure because I woke up right during or after this.

The end,

-John Jr