President Barack Obama And Val Kilmer In China

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I had more dreams that I can not remember and there was more to my last dream that I can not remember, all that I can remember is that at some point in the dream during the day I was seeing a fictional former/retired male entertainment wrestler who was over-fat with light-colored skin with long yellowish colored hair who was promoting a new product that he/his company had made, but one of his rivals from back when he was an entertainment wrestler appeared in the distance to interrupt his promotion of his new product.

The other entertainment wrestler was a man in better shape who would still wrestle sometimes, and he also did mixed martial arts with maybe the UFC sometimes, a story was told about the rivalry between these two wrestlers, and how one of them got injured during one of their matches and it ended his career (probably the one who was retired and who was promoting his new product).

They stared in the distance at each other, you could feel the tension of their old rivalry, and eventually they got close enough to where they were in each other’s faces like they were about to fight; and there was probably some taunting, finger-pointing, arguing, et cetera about the past but I think that they worked things out at the end but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is being outside during the day between several building whose alleys were blocked off by large transport vehicles, The President Of The United States Barack Obama was in this area on a visit in China, so we were in China supposedly, and he was being filmed and asked about his trip so far; and I looked around trying to see how well did the Secret Service had his security set up, and I was trying to see if their security was better than how I would have set it up.

There was a woman with very short hair constantly unloading or pretending to unload something from the back of one of the transport vehicles but I saw no Secret Service agents, they had the alleys blocked off to keep people out and possible snipers could not see, so they did good there, and so I assumed that they were hiding to stay out of view of the cameras as President Obama was being filmed for public relations/whatever.

After President Obama was done being filmed the Secret Service agents started to appear from hiding like I predicted, they started to cover this area and prepare to move him to the next area, and they were doing a good job, but I am not sure how I was allowed to be in this area; and I followed them trying to blend in, I guess they assumed that I was an undercover Secret Service agent because of how I was constantly checking out the security, and looking out for possible threats.

There were probably crowds of people and journalists in parts of the parking lot near this area so it seemed that the Secret Service were going to move President Obama through or in one of the multi-story buildings in this area, I noticed a suspicious looking man who looked like the actor Val Kilmer with long hair in disguise, and like me he seemed to be trying to blend it; and so I followed him and President Obama and the Secret Service.

I lost track of President Obama and the Secret Service as I followed Mr. Kilmer, who went in another direction I guess, and we reached the last building where no one was around, and this building was like a multi-story apartment building or house; and Mr. Kilmer sneaked inside, and I continued following him as he sneaked around the building on an upper floor.

I was not sure if he was a spy, assassin, undercover Secret Service agent or FBI agent or police officer, thief, journalist, or what he was; and as I sneaked around following him sneak around he was partly spotted by a dangerous gang of men, and they ran after him forcing me to run as well.

They ended up finding me first thinking that I was him but I quickly pretended that I had been jogging for exercise and I told them that I saw a man sneaking around and I pointed them in the wrong direction, they were suspicious of me but I managed to convince them to believe me, and they ran in the wrong direction looking for Mr. Kilmer.

I continued jogging around the area where they could see me instead of running away, to keep up my act and because I wanted to find Mr. Kilmer and learn who this gang of men were and why they were after Mr. Kilmer and what was Mr. Kilmer after, and I saw one of the men yelling orders to his men like he was the leader of the gang; and he was very angry, and so I tried to listen for any clues about what was going on but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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