Grace Randolph Making Videos From A Motel / Apartment?

All that I can remember of this dream is that during some part of the dream, I was outside in the parking lot where Walmart in the city of D should be.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, and near this parking lot was a restaurant and a one-story motel/apartment that also had buildings across the street.

Grace Randolph from YouTube lived and worked at/from the motel/apartment handling her YouTube channel et cetera.

You probably could often find her outside working/filming/interviewing/researching/editing/acting/et cetera, and as she ate/drank at the restaurant and shopped at the store/Walmart.

So work was a constant part of her life, she blended the two together, but it was done in a way that seemed to work for her.

There were probably some parts of the dream that I saw Grace several times across several days working/living her life.

I remember her filming outside, her talking to & interviewing someone as she had lunch, her editing & uploading videos as she ate / drank, and her talking about entertainment news / information with various people as she shopped & researched for her entertainment news segments / videos.

I probably walked and talked with Grace after she had finished filming some video.

We walked back to her motel/apartment where she had a small room where she lived, and she probably had another one across the street where she did most of her work.

I talked with her as she put up something, and then she walked across the street to film a video where she was doing a skit during the video.

I can not remember if I walked over with her or if I watched the video online.

The room was dimly lit, maybe candle lit, the skit was a sexy comedy video skit where; Grace was laying and posing on a bed as she talked and did the video seductively wearing maybe very short maybe 1970-style athletic shorts and maybe a V-neck athletic shirt.

Her skin was probably somewhat oiled to make it shine, she looked thinner, like she used to in the early days of her YouTube career.

I was surprised to see Grace looking and acting like this, even though it was just a comedy video skit.

At some point I left or stopped watching the video, or it ended as it was starting to get darker outside because it was evening now.

I think that I was supposed to meet a woman, or I met the woman after this; either way I ended up leaving to meet a woman, or I left with a woman who(m) I met somewhere not far from the motel / apartment (perhaps the restaurant).

Whoever the woman was, I probably somewhat knew her from the parts/days of the dream, visiting the store and restaurant and parking lot et cetera.

She had light brownish colored skin with possibly long maybe somewhat curly brownish colored hair, and she somewhat looked like the actress Lenora Crichlow.

We went to or met at a two-story house in a nice quiet neighborhood where she lived with her older sister and her young niece and/or young sister who also had light brownish colored skin but slightly darker than hers.

Potentially one or two other people lived there as well, but I can not remember.

I remember us talking and playing with her young niece and/or young sister, and I met the older sister.

It was very nice and fun and comfortable, we all got along very well, and the woman and I seemed to like each other.

At some point the woman and I went upstairs alone and some strange things happened that I can not remember.

It is possible some paranormal-like things happened, but I am not sure.

I do remember the woman and I goofing around playing with some stuffed toys/toys/dolls/et cetera that belonged to her young niece and/or young sister.

We were going around play-acting/whatever with the toys acting out a short film, and maybe the strange parts of the dream were of my imagination turning this playacting into its own thing like a short film.

We were having a lot of fun, and we seemed to have a romantic connection.

I remember us going into a girl’s room to probably put up the toys after we finished playing with them because it was night and her niece and/or young sister needed to go to sleep soon.

Before putting up the toys, we played with them one last time, acting out another scene; but the noise we made caused the older sister to come see what was going on.

The woman pretended that we had been listening to an old cassette tape of children’s stories, and for some reason she lied to her older sister about this.

This was unnecessary but funny, we almost started laughing, but we stopped ourselves.

Her older sister was a bit suspicious, but she left.

She probably thought that we were trying to have sex or something, we really had been playing with toys, embarrassingly.

We put the toys up, and I heard the older sister arguing on the telephone with or about her boyfriend or husband or ex-husband or a man.

This situation also would affect the niece or younger sister, and after the telephone conversation, the niece or younger sister asked her about what was wrong.

She did not give her a clear answer, and she walked off to be alone to deal with her emotions.

It was time for the niece or young sister to go to sleep, I wanted to give the woman time to spend with her older sister, and I had already been there long enough.

So I told the woman that I had and was having a good time and that I wanted to spend more time with her and her family again soon.

That I should be going, and I thanked her for the good time and I said goodbye to her family.

I really did enjoy myself and I did not want to leave, and I wanted to meet with the woman again as soon as possible.

It was clear that we would probably be started an official romantic relationship soon, but I was not in a rush and I just wanted us to get to know each other and have fun; but I woke up as I was leaving.

The end,

  • John Jr

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