A Competition / Battle / Game?

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can only barely remember the end of this dream so it does not make much sense, it took place during the day and I think that the earlier parts of the dream possibly took place at a college, and I think that two or more groups of people were playing a game and/or having a competition and/or having a battle and/or something that I can not remember; and I assume that I was in one of those groups, maybe things were fun and games at first (maybe this was all a video game at first, but I can not remember) and maybe things got out of control later when maybe reality and the video game or dream world got confused by some people on each team, but I can not remember.

At the end of the dream maybe most people from each team were defeated and/or dead and/or gone except for me and a man who possibly looked a bit like The Joker from the The Dark Knight film and we seemed to be on the same team probably, and my sister-in-law JC who was on the other team and who was somewhat dressed like Sonya Blade from the video game Mortal Kombat X wearing a military style hat and uniform and she had military weapons.

The man who looked like The Joker and I were driving in an automobile and he was driving, we were in a good mood and we were on one last mission that possibly was going to be to let my sister-in-law JC know that the competition/game/battle whatever was over and/or that we were in the real world now and/or maybe we were going to finish the competition/game/battle/whatever, but I am not sure; I wish that I could remember because this dream does not make sense without those missing details.

He had a simple plan where we would probably drive to where my sister-in-law JC was and catch her by surprise to talk to her and/or defeat her and/or whatever, I did not like the plan and I wanted to call or let her know that we were coming probably to prevent her from thinking that we were trying to defeat her or kill her or win or whatever but he said that things would be fine, and that it was too late to try that now because we had already arrived to where she was; and she was at my parent’s house.

It was a nice sunny day outside and things were quiet as we were driving into the yard, we had our weapons and maybe armor in the vehicle in case things went bad, and my sister-in-law JC saw us driving into the yard and she was hiding behind cover near the house and ready to attack anyone she did not expect; and so she assumed that we were there to defeat or kill her, and she pulled out a rocket launcher and she stood up to shoot our automobile with it, I warned the man who looked like The Joker telling him to get out of the automobile now, and I jumped out of the automobile with no time to grab my weapons or armor as the rocket flew toward us.

My concerns ended up being valid but it was too late now, I ran behind one of the metal storage buildings hoping that my sister-in-law JC did not see me escape before the explosion, and I can not remember if the man who looked like The Joker was still in the automobile or not before it exploded but I do know that the automobile exploded; but it is possible that he survived because I think that my sister-in-law JC ended up shooting him to either kill him or make sure that he was dead, she walked over to the exploded and smoking automobile with her gun ready to shoot anything that moved, and she probably shot him because he had not escaped the automobile in time before it exploded and he was probably trapped in the wreckage but I can not remember.

The situation was bad now and my sister-in-law JC was in kill mode after all that had taken place during the dream and she was the last person left on her team probably, she also did not know what the man who looked like The Joker and I knew, which was probably that we were no longer in a video game/dream/whatever and that maybe we were in the real world now so we could really die probably; but I am not sure because I can not remember most of the dream, it was something important that we wanted to tell her that would change everything, but it seemed too late now.

My sister-in-law was using military-style tactics like my brother CC had trained her or something like that, I was impressed, but the situation was scary and bad now and I probably thought that this was the real world; and I had no weapons, no armor, my last team member was dead, and now my armed and trained sister-in-law JC was trying to hunt me down and kill me and she was in kill mode and I was trapped behind the metal storage buildings trying to hide hoping that she thought that I had died in the explosion; and so the situation was intense and scary.

I tried to be quiet as I watched my sister-in-law JC searching around for survivors with her gun ready to shoot anything that moved, I wanted to yell to her that it was me and that I was not there to hurt her and I wanted to explain the situation to her, but it was too risky now; and so I tried to keep moving quietly and hide as she searched around, but my options were limited as she got closer.

Eventually there was nowhere else for me to hide and she saw me, I tried to tell her that it was me and that I was not trying to hurt her and that I was unarmed, but like I predicted she started shooting at me so I ran and took cover as she chased and shot at me; but I continued trying to explain the situation as I ran, and she eventually cornered me by the plum tree by the main gate.

There was nothing else that I could do expect make one last attempt to explain the situation before she shoots me, but I can not remember what happened unfortunately; I just remember sounding a bit like the character David Whele from the television show Dominion when his life is in danger and he is trying desperately to convince the other person to not kill him, and I was desperately trying to get my sister-in-law JC to believe me and to get out of kill mode.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that the end of the dream took place during the night at my parent’s house, I was inside the house and I remember talking to someone when we heard a loud truck outside that sounded like the trash truck, and when I looked out the window I saw maybe the trash truck and I saw what looked like the mail carrier putting something in our mailbox oddly.

It looked like the mail carrier put a note in our mailbox like he had a package for us but either thought that we were not able to get it now or he had knocked on the door but we did not hear him over the trash truck, and so I walked outside hoping that he would see me and give me the package if there was one; but I woke up as I was standing on the steps outside.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream I was trying to decide which type of magic spells to use for something, my options were frost and shock and fire spells, and I was probably talking with someone about this as well inside a windowless house or building; and I remember thinking that shock spells would be the best for whatever it was that I wanted to do, the other person probably did not agree, but I woke up before I could test this.

The end,

-John Jr

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