Trying To Return A Pizza Pan

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that I know that some parts of the dream took place at a building that was possibly an apartment building and/or college building and/or something else, most of the dream took place in this area and I met various people there who(m) I can not remember, and at the end of the dream I possibly stopped at my parent’s house during the day.

I think that my parents wanted to exchange or return one of our old pizza pans back to Walmart for another one or for a refund, I think that the building that I was at earlier was near the Walmart in the city of D behind it somewhere where the forest should be, and so I went to Walmart to exchange or return it for them.

Something happened that I can not remember that was possibly not planned and/or that was partly planned but I can not remember what it was or what happened exactly, but I do know that something went wrong and there was a misunderstanding where I was falsely accused of a variety of things like: conspiracy, theft / shoplifting, lying, cheating, and more by some of the Walmart workers.

They made me sit in a fictional part of the store at a table as they waited on their investigators/whoever to come and as they talked to them, one of these investigators was a somewhat old woman with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair who reminded me of an American version of DCI Vera Stanhope (played by Brenda Blethyn) from the television show Vera, and the other was a man with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair wearing a maybe light-blueish colored dress shirt and dark-colored dress pants and a dark-colored belt and dark-colored dress shoes; and they both acted like detectives even though they were just Walmart workers, but it seemed that their jobs were dealing with and investigating possible thefts.

Each of the investigators took their time to look at the evidence and talk with the workers, they each interrogated me separately, and they would make me sit at the table between interrogations as they continued investigating as I waited for the next interrogator to interrogate me; and it seemed that their strategy was to wear me down, scare me, and try to get me to admit that I did something wrong because they did not have enough evidence to prove it.

I remember being annoyed, a bit uncomfortable/nervous, a bit afraid, and more as they continued their strategy against me trying to get me to admit that I was guilty; but they were wrong, but I could not tell them the full story because I feared that it would be used against me somehow even though I did not do what they said that I did and I kept telling them that they were wrong/mistaken.

They both did a good job trying to wear me down, the woman used a strategy that was similar to how Vera might interrogate someone, and the man tried to act like a friend/salesman/politician trying to get you to tell the truth or make a deal; and it was slightly working because I was afraid that they would eventually call the police and have me arrested, but I knew what they were trying to do and that they were mistaken and so I mostly resisted it but it still had some effect/affect on me.

At some point a fictional woman who I knew from earlier, maybe a close friend or girlfriend or wife, found me and I told her what was going on and she tried to comfort me; and she was going to try to help me, and I thanked her but I told her that I think that I had it under control and that we should wait and not do anything that could get us arrested like trying to run or anything like that.

I told her the truth of what happened, there was something unplanned that I possibly ended up doing or going along with that was possibly wrong but it was not what I was being accused of, but I was afraid to tell the investigators because I feared that they would try to use that against me to have me arrested for that instead maybe; but I can not remember what I had done or what I had went along with that I was afraid to tell them.

At some point I was tired/annoyed/angry/et cetera with the investigators playing games with me trying to wear me down, I stood up and I walked over to them asking them if I was being detained and if I was under arrest, and I was not so they could not stop me if I decided to leave; and I asked them what they were going to do if I left, they did not answer, but I felt that there was a possibility that they would ban me from ever shopping at Walmart again even though they did not have enough evidence to prove that I had done anything wrong.

I told them that I was leaving and that if they really had evidence that I did something wrong then they would call the police but they had not, I told them that they could call them now but that I no longer cared because they were wrong and they had no evidence, and they did not say anything again because they knew that I was correct; and the woman and I walked away, and they did not call the police it seemed.

Instead of leaving we actually waited in a fictional part of the store sitting and standing around among other people, we were curious if they would kick us out or call the police, and while we waited I saw one or more of my former classmates; and I remember talking to one or more of my former male classmates, like maybe JC, and I told him or them about the situation as we waited.

We were going to wait awhile and then return to the building from earlier hoping that the police were not there looking for me, it was nice having the unknown woman with me and I wanted to reunite with the other people from earlier in the dream to talk about the situation and about the possible consequences because we all seemed to be close/friends, and I was going to tell my parents about what had happened and maybe give them their old pizza pan back if the investigators even gave it back to me because they possibly kept it as possible evidence.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr