Dear Ashton (Ashton Deary) & Jennifer Lopez?

I did not voice record this dream, I forgot parts of this dream when I woke up, and I forgot more parts of this dream this morning; and so expect missing details and some guessing and some possible errors, and this dream was possibly partly inspired by this Double Toasted video called Double Toasted Interviews Dear Ashton that I watched a few weeks ago:

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was inside maybe a windowless building during the day with a group of people who had just had a meeting or class or something like that, everyone was leaving and I remember following a possibly blind or legally blind woman who reminded me of a thinner version of Dear Ashton (Ashton Deary) because I heard her mention to someone/everyone that she was about to teach a class on something that was connected to an organization that she started and I guess she invited anyone to come to her class, and I was going to check out her class and organization to learn more.