Back Pain Impacting My Dreams

I did not get much sleep because I had to wake up early and my sleep got disturbed several times by my slight upper-mid back pain/soreness that has bothered me slightly for about a week or more, and so I do not remember much of what I dreamed about.

I do know that I had some dreams, semi-dreams, daydreams, semi-daydreams, and thoughts as I woke up several times changing positions trying to get more comfortable because of my back pain/soreness.

The back pain/soreness effected/affected my dreams, daydreams, and thoughts somewhat but I can not remember in what way because I can not really remember any of my dreams/daydreams/thoughts other than trying to get comfortable; and wondering if it was time to wake up, and more.

I do remember hearing the song Jardin D’Hiver by Keren Ann during the dream I assume, French was possibly used in another part of one of my dreams as well, but I can not remember.

But that is all that I can remember for now, but I will type more if I remember it later.

The end,

-John Jr

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