A Barney & Betty Hill-Like Experience

Part 1

This was all either one dream with several different parts or several different but connected dreams that all took place during the day at my parent’s yard/house in at least one part of each part of the dream or in each dream, and so I will type them in parts because I am not sure if this was just one dream or not.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during a nice sunny day, and I was outside in my parent’s yard, my dad was working in the yard, and he started telling me that someone he knew had complained about my brother GC and maybe me, and this person said that they had come to the house/yard or outside of it to see my dad several times; and that they saw one of us (probably me) walk into the house, they saw my brother GC doing various things in the yard, and then he went inside as well each time.

This person assumed that we had intentionally ignored them, but we really had not realized that they were there, I assume that they were probably just standing silently outside the fence instead of saying anything or walking into the yard to get our attention, and so they complained to my dad about the various times that this had supposedly happened; and they were annoyed/angry about it, and I told my dad that I had not seen anyone around and that we probably just did not see or hear them and I recommended that they say something or walk into the yard to get our attention or call before they come.

I walked inside the house to ask my brother GC about it, and he had not seen or heard anyone either like I had expected, I told him what our dad told me, and we talked about the situation, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that maybe I was inside my parent’s house during the day after walking from outside in the yard, and I was watching YouTube videos on a computer, I remember watching three connected DNews or TestTube videos where Julia Wilde and several other hosts (male and female) were doing three videos with skits to raise awareness about a certain topic/issue that I can not remember, and they did one or more well done more realistic serious skits during the videos.

I can not remember the topic/issue that the three videos were about, and I can only barely remember part of one of the serious realistic skits and this skit was the most dramatic/shocking/powerful part of my dreams from last night (even the lighting of the scene was dramatic and serious and emotional), Julia was standing and a male and female host were standing behind her, and I remember the skit being a very realistic and serious and well-acted skit that was a bit hard to watch and felt real where I think that the male host pulled off Julia’s T-shirt from over her head dramatically; and for a brief moment you could see Julia’s breasts before she could cover them with her arms, and she had large somewhat dark-colored areolas with somewhat large nipples.

Julia quickly tried to cover her breasts with her arms crossed over her chest in shame, the skit was pretty dramatic and emotional and shocking, and something was happening that I can not remember for the rest of the skit where Julia was still trying to cover her breasts as the other two hosts stood there doing something that I can not remember (maybe mocking/shaming her and/or something like that); but sometimes she would accidentally move her arms a bit too high or low or to the side, and you could see part of her areolas and/or nipples and breasts sometimes.

This skit was possibly in the first video of the three videos, after the skit and video was over I was shocked and surprised that DNews would have a skit like that and that they had uploaded this without censoring it (I do not agree with women having to have their chests censored while men do not have to have their chests censored, but I knew that YouTube and most people have rules against that; so I was surprised/shocked), and I assumed that this was a mistake; and I assumed that they would take the video down later, and re-upload it with a censored version.

I was impressed by the acting in the skits, especially Julia’s, and I was surprised that Julia would take a risk and put herself/body out there in a topless scene like that, but I thought that it was very brave of her to do that to help raise awareness and connect emotionally with the audience about whatever the topic/issue of the videos was.

I started looking at the comments trying to see if other people had noticed the topless scenes and I would refresh the video sometimes to see if DNews had removed it or not, people in the comment section were talking about it as expected, but to my surprise the video was still up even after I had finished all three videos and was looking at comments and refreshing the page sometimes; but eventually they removed the video, and they re-uploaded a censored version of the video, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Part 3

This part of the dream was a bit confusing and unclear but interesting and a bit creepy, it seemed to be partly inspired by the Barney and Betty Hill alien abduction story and maybe the film Communion, and I remember seeing video/scenes and/or memories in black & white about a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was dating a man with brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair; and this was during an older time period where their relationship was looked down on, and it was possibly illegal for them to have a relationship, and so most people were against their relationship.

Some of the video/scenes were possibly from a film about this woman and man and some of the memories/whatever were possibly from their real life, but I am not sure, and to make things even more confusing there was a third set of scenes/parts showing the present time period that was following another woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair and her boyfriend who had brownish colored skin and dark-colored hair; and the woman in the present time period was possibly the granddaughter of the woman from the black & white videos/scenes/memories, but I am not sure and all three of these things were being shown to me at different times during the dream.

I was possibly in my parent’s yard at first during the day, and maybe I went inside the house, and maybe I started to see these three things separate things at different times and possibly sometimes together, it was like seeing the past and watching a film and watching the present at the same time, and at some point during the black & white videos/scenes/memories a group of beings/entities/aliens/creatures/whatever started to take an interest in the woman and maybe her boyfriend, but I think that they were mostly interested in the woman, but I am not sure.

They did not look quite like any aliens that I have seen before except for the hooded aliens in the film Communion combined with maybe some slug-like creatures combined with maybe a certain type of paranormal entity, they were not very tall, and they possibly could slide and/or crawl and/or float and/or walk, and maybe they could do paranormal-like things like appear out of nowhere and go through things sometimes; and maybe they could somewhat shapeshift, but I can not remember because my memory is too unclear, and the dream was too confusing.

It seemed that they would possibly abduct the woman and maybe her boyfriend sometimes, but it was not clear, they would sometimes appear and come after them probably mostly during the night when they are sleep or during times where they are alone and distracted, and maybe the woman and her boyfriend did not even know at first because they could probably block out memories/replace memories/knock you unconscious/et cetera, but I am not sure.

One day the woman and her boyfriend probably realized something was wrong and that something was happening to them, they possibly saw the aliens/entities abducting them/whatever one night/day, and maybe they decided to report their experience(s); and maybe some of their experiences were made into a film, and years later in the present the same thing was possibly happening to one of the woman’s granddaughters like the aliens/entities were interested in her family for some unknown reason(s) (which seemed to be common in alien abduction stories).

One night or day the woman probably was alone when she probably saw the aliens/entities/creatures trying to abduct her/whatever, so she ran, I was suddenly in the building where she was at this point which confused me even in the dream, and so I was going to try to help her and let her know what I had seen from the past and present about the aliens/entities/creatures and the other woman and man; but I still did not know what they were, what they wanted, what were their strengths, what were their weaknesses, et cetera, so I was not sure how to deal with them because they were so unusual and unknown and possibly advanced that they seemed partly paranormal and maybe even partly supernatural, so I did not feel that I could really defend against them.

I remember her running maybe underground downstairs of her building that possibly went into an underground parking garage, everyone was probably sleep or gone, so she was running around screaming alone, and so they aliens / entities / creatures were not worried, and they took their time slowly chasing her by sliding and/or floating and/or walking and/or crawling; and I remember them moving creepily/oddly in various ways down the stairs, maybe they were somewhat shapeshifting as well, but I can not remember, and maybe they used some of their paranormal and supernatural-like abilities.

My plan was to try to avoid them and get to the woman before they did, I was afraid that they would paralyze me and/or knock me unconscious and/or use illusions / genjutsu on me if they saw me, and so I tried to sneak around to avoid them knowing that I was around; and I was going to try to reach the woman and try to escape somewhere else with her, and hope that the aliens/entities/creatures did not find us.

I did not think that we stood much of a chance against them because they probably could go through walls, appear and disappear, use their mental and/or paranormal and/or supernatural abilities and/or technology against our minds/body, and find us wherever we ran; and so me trying to help this woman was a big risk for me because then I would probably become a target/test subject/whatever of these aliens/entities/creatures, and maybe my family, and maybe I already was but did not know it.

Helping the woman was the right thing to do even though it was not safe, and I felt that I had been shown all of this and put there for a reason, I assumed that this reason was for me to help the woman, and so that is what I was going to do; but I felt that we would lose, but that I would try to do what I can against an unknown enemy with abilities beyond your understanding, but that is all that I can remember.

Part 4

I am quickly losing my memory of this part of the dream, so I am typing it first, all that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during a nice day and in my parent’s yard again, and a fictional slightly over-weight man with whitish colored skin with maybe brownish colored hair came over to my parent’s yard for a surprise visit; and I possibly knew him, I probably had false memories of him from the past, and we somehow knew each other like we used to be friends or our friends knew each other and/or we used to be schoolmates and/or something like that.

I remember us talking about some false memories from the past, like fictional things/objects that used to be in my parent’s yard which are no longer there, and we walked around looking at those areas and I showed him new things in the yard; and the environment and feelings/emotions of this dream looked and felt a bit like a nice Saturday when I was a kid, and some interesting moments that I can not remember happened that possibly involved leaves or a kite or something blowing in the wind that looked and felt interesting to see.

I remember us talking about a fictional cabinet that used to be in the corner near the double gate on the right side of the yard and I saw what it used to look like, near where the basketball goal used to be, was a slightly covered storage area, and I remember showing him some of the stuff that was stored there; and there was more to this part of the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream before waking up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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