October 16, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that we got new neighbors (a husband, obese wife, and teenaged children (male and female) with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair) in the no-longer abandoned house next to the alleyway by my parents’ yard, and they had a tan/light brownish colored chihuahua; but one day we stopped seeing their dog.

One day or evening I was walking through the alleyway toward the field when I noticed something next to the bushes, and to my surprise it was the neighbors’ dog inside an old fictional wooden dog house that my family had made out of maybe wooden pallets and other pieces of wood and maybe some metal for the roof; but the new neighbors had not asked for our permission to use it as far as I knew.

I stopped to pet the dog and to see if it was okay, it was okay, and then I noticed that the new neighbors’ yard had been extended into our alleyway without permission past their property line closer to our yard and taking up some of our alleyway space; and this was a bit annoying, and so I probably went to tell my family.

The same day or the next day I walked over to the neighbors’ house to talk with them about their dog, our dog house, and them extending their yard beyond their property line; and they had people visiting the house and the husband was gone, the house was much larger and nicer than in real life, but the rooms were smaller and narrow for a house of that size.

Some of the children and their visitors let me in and they walked me inside the house to find their mother, the house had some nice decorations and furniture and design to the house itself to my surprise while also feeling somewhat like a lower-income house because of how small the rooms and halls were along with a few other details, and their mother was in the master bedroom so they brought me into the master bedroom to meet their mother.

The mother was a nice morbidly obese woman who gave me a warm greeting and I briefly talked with her and her children and their visitors until they all left somewhere leaving their mother and I alone in the master bedroom, I talked with the mother and we had a good conversation, and I remember being ready to leave because I did not want the husband to come home finding us in their master bedroom and misunderstand the situation; and I even said/joked about this out-loud, and the mother laughed and said that her husband would probably misunderstand the situation.

As I was about to leave something happened that I can not remember where there was broken glass on the floor so I stopped to sweep and clean it all up, I tried to hurry before her husband returned, but right as I was finishing cleaning up the broken glass her husband returned; and he stood silently in the doorway of the master bedroom looking angry.

His wife commented and joked about his angry expression and how we had predicted that he might react this way, she introduced me to her husband letting him know that I was one of their neighbors and why I had come over, and I also explained things to him and let him know that the situation was not what he was probably thinking; and I apologized for any misunderstanding, and I told him that I was just finishing up cleaning some broken glass before leaving.

The husband still seemed a bit suspicious but he slowly started to look less angry, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was walking around a fictional shopping mall, at some point I was worried about someone finding me, and so I started trying to leave the mall without being found by this person or persons; and I remember my brother CC being with me at this point, and I remember being hungry and thirsty so we stopped at a restaurant along the walking areas that had some tables and chairs and bar seating and a counter where you ordered your food and drink.

I was afraid that who ever I was trying to avoid might be entering the mall as we tried to leave so stopping to get something to eat and drink would possibly help us avoid this, there was a woman/female worker with whitish colored skin behind the counter, and I remember ordering some food to eat and some sweet tea to drink; and as I was paying I remember the woman saying that I could get $12 back by doing some online surveys or something like that on their website based off of how much I had already spent at their restaurant this year (she somehow had a record of this like maybe I had a card or membership or account with their restaurant or something like that).

I thanked her and the woman somehow noticed that my brother CC was a soldier so she gave him a compliment that was something like: “Keep up the good work soldier.” or something like that.

My brother CC did not look impressed at all and he coldly said: “Do not give someone a compliment if you do not really mean it.”.

I felt that it was rude of him to say that so I said so, the woman took it pretty well and she made a joke, and I apologized to her as we were leaving; and I remember talking with my brother CC about the situation as we walked away, and I think that we came across our mom so we briefly talked with her before continuing our escape from the mall without being seen by who ever I was trying to avoid but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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