Giving Away A Nokia Lumia 635

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, I went to bed late last night and I woke up once during the night because I was slobbering and maybe snoring, and so I can not remember most of my dream.

Last night I finally watched the film Rear Window for the first time after hearing Grace Randolph mentioning it several times in the past as one of her favorite films, which was better than I expected and I think that it does deserve being called a classic film because the visuals and style and clothing and acting et cetera still holds up today, and the film had mystery and suspense and a bit of comedy and good dialogue and it was all filmed from one room and small area it seemed.

All that I can remember of the end of my dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I think that we were possibly getting new neighbors across the street at The B House or the abandoned mobile home next to that house, and AJ a former male schoolmate/classmate of one or more of my brothers and/or cousins who sometimes stays at the mobile home at the edge of the field by my parents’ yard was one of the people moving across the street from my parents’ house.

AJ, some of his friends, and some of his family were probably moving things into their new house and hanging out in the yard and in the street; and I remember my parents wanting to get rid of some old stuff that we were not going to use anymore, and so we asked our new neighbors if they wanted any of it and we showed the old stuff to them.

One of the items that we were giving away was a Nokia Lumia 635 mobile phone, I remember checking the mobile phone trying to see if anything needed to be erased and deleted first, and I think that someone had possibly visited some pornographic/porn/pornography websites when I looked at the web browsing history of Internet Explorer on the phone; and so I remember clearing the history, and then I did a factory reset of the phone after checking a few other things.

I then gave the mobile phone to AJ as we stood in the street outside my parents’ yard and I gave him a quick overview about the mobile phone and the Windows Phone operating system, I told him that I would text him screenshots and videos that would help him learn to use it better and I even texted him one screenshot as an example, and I told him to contact me if he needed help; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr