Time Travel And Saya And A Birthday Surprise

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Dream 1

Both of the dreams that I barely remember from last night were probably partly inspired by maybe the Back To The Future films and the video game Life Is Strange (which Dashie finished playing recently), and all that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly involved time travel and multiple timelines.

I think that the vampire character Saya from the live-action film Blood: The Last Vampire was possibly in one part of the dream/timeline, and my dead grandfather IC was probably in another part of the dream/timeline and got to talk with both of them; and my grandfather IC was younger and healthy in this dream so it was before the Alzheimer’s disease deteriorated his brain/mind so bad that he could not really talk or remember who we were, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, at the end of the dream I was standing in my parents’ yard by the storage building that is closest to The G House, and a NFL American football game was taking place in the yard; and I remember one of the football players with dark-brownish colored skin getting tackled by a player with whitish colored skin, and they fell through the fence by the pet cages struggling over the ball.

The rest of their teams and coaches and referees moved to the other side of the yard where I could not see them to finish playing their game while the two players continued to struggle over the ball oddly, I smelled cigarette smoke in the air, and then I saw my mom walking my male cousin DE from The G House to our house now that he had just returned from the hospital.

They went inside my parents’ house and I stayed outside by the storage buildings awhile while the two players continued struggling over the ball oddly, at some point I realized that I was wearing a football uniform like I was on one of the teams, but I had missed most of the game; and so I did not think that the coaches would let me play, and so I decided that I would go inside my parents’ house instead of returning to the football game.

As I was walking to do this the two players finally stopped struggling over the football, they stood up, and they too realized that they had already missed most of the game and that their coaches would probably be angry at them and not let them return to the game; and so they decided to walk to the locker rooms to take a shower and change clothes and then watch the game from the sidelines.

When I walked inside my parents’ house I got surprised when a lot of my family members from my mom’s side of the family yelled: “Happy Birthday! to me as I entered the house; and the inside of the house was larger and nicer, and it looked like a combination of a fictional house combined with my parents’ house combined with E Manor.

They seemed to be having a birthday party for my brothers who were all born in the same month with three of them being born on the same day of that month while one of my brothers was born later that month, I am the only one of my brothers not born in that month and I was born in the same month as my mom, and so either they made a mistake or they were including me in the joint birthday party.

I thanked them and I told them when my birthday was and I asked what was going on, I did not like having the house full of family members by surprise like this but I took it pretty well and I tried to be nice and greet everyone, and I walked around talking to some family members as they were eating and drinking and talking around the house; and I was trying to make my way around the house.

The first room was a living room that led to a family room, the kitchen was on the left side of the house, and a hallway leading to bathrooms and bedrooms was also on the left side of the house; but I woke up as I was making my way around the house.

The end,

-John Jr

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