A Vampire: The Masquerade Lore Inspired Dream

Source: Wikipedia

I had more dreams than this one but I forgot them all and I forgot most of the only dream that I do barely remember part of the end of, because I slept pretty well without waking up much or at all, and so I only barely remember part of the end of one dream that was inspired by the lore from the video games based on Vampire: The Masquerade; and before going to sleep I had read parts of the wiki(s) on the Vampire: The Masquerade Wikia.com wiki.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that the end of the dream took place during the day in a fictional city, I was possibly a vampire or was just learning about the existence of vampires and vampire clans and vampire sects, someone/some group was making a film and they maybe wanted me to be in and/or help with and/or see some of the making of the film, and someone/some group wanted me to meet with them about the vampires/vampire sects/vampire clans and/or join them and/or help them and/or something like that and/or they wanted to talk about the film like maybe they wanted to stop the film from being made because it was possibly going to contain thinly veiled/hidden information about the vampires/vampire clans/vampire sects which could possible break The Masquerade (rules made to prevent humans from learning of the existence of vampires).

I maybe left a house to go to the location where part of the film was being filmed, I remember walking across a field to a walking bridge-like structure that you reached by walking up maybe some stairs and you walked across it like a bridge with two separate lanes but oddly I do not think that the bridge crossed anything, and so it seemed mostly pointless/useless unless you wanted to use it to walk around for exercise and/or to hangout on it and/or to get a better view of things in the distance.

There were a lot of people on and around the bridge, some people were part of the film crew but the other people were just normal people walking around and hanging out, and my plan was to deal with the film situation first and then I would leave to deal with the vampire situation second; but as I was watching and/or talking to the film crew chaos broke out when someone got brutally attacked by a person/zombie/whatever biting them, and then the victim almost immediately turned into a zombie and they started attacking people.

There was chaos with people running and screaming and getting bit and getting turned into zombies and it was spreading fast as people tried to escape, I could have easily escaped to safety but I noticed that many people got trapped on the bridge somehow, and so I risked my life to go save people one-at-a-time by trying to hold a long wooden board up to the bridge so that they could climb down while I would sometimes have to stop to fight zombies who would try to attack me.

I had no one to watch my back as I held the wooden board so this put me at even a greater risk because I had to use both hands to hold the board without being able to hold a weapon at the same time and I had to watch my own back, I also only had a weak wooden stick or piece of wood as a weapon, and getting each person down from the bridge was going to take a while.

Eventually one of the people I saved from the bridge helped watch my back, it was my former male classmate BH, and he used another weak piece of wood as a weapon; but I still had to stop to help my former classmate BH sometimes as he struggled to fight off zombies trying to attack us.

I remember one of the zombies giving my former classmate BH a very hard time so I stopped to help him, to my surprise this zombie was taking hits to the head without falling or dying, and I realized that the zombie had a padded plastic helmet on that was protecting its head; and so we had to keep hitting it while dodging, and eventually we killed it after using various objects as weapons along with using kicks to stagger the zombie.

It was clear that we needed better weapons so I started searching the back of a truck that was parked in the field, hoping to find metal weapon like a crowbar or tire iron or something like that, and as I was searching for a metal weapon I started to wonder who was behind the zombie attack and why.

My guess was that one or more members of The Anarchs vampire sect were behind the production of the film and were going to have some hidden/thinly veiled information about vampires/vampire clans/vampire sects/et cetera hidden in the film, if this was true I assumed that one or more members of The Camarilla vampire sect wanted to stop the production of the film and/or to get them to remove the hidden/thinly veiled information about vampires so maybe it was one or more members of The Camarilla who I was supposed to be meeting after my visit to the filming location, and if that was true then I assumed that one or more members of The Sabbat vampire sect were behind the zombie attack because they wanted to disrupt the film and break The Masquerade by revealing that something like zombies exist which would probably lead to the humans investigating and possibly finding out that vampires also exist and to kill some humans and to possibly interrupt both of my meetings and maybe they were trying to take over this city from the other vampire sects and vampire clans.

*Now that I think about it, it is also possible that members of The Brotherhood Of The 9th Circle vampire organization/cult were behind the zombie attack, but who knows.*

That was my wild guess but I was not sure, I can not remember if I found better weapons or not, but I do know that I went back to helping save people from the bridge while fighting off zombies; but I woke up as I was still doing this.

The end,

-John Jr

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