Lara Croft & Dashie (Charlie Guzman) & Zombies?

Last night, my brother GC and I watched the film Beasts Of No Nation.

It was one of the best films that I have seen this year and to me.

It was more cinematic than most major release films even though it is just a Netflix film, while also seeming realistic enough to make it almost seem like a documentary.

But I did feel that the film was a bit too long and that a few parts of the film should have been properly explained/shown.

I felt that Idris Elba could have done a bit better with his performance, he did good at times, especially during some of the early speeches.

Something just seemed a bit off with his performance and / or character to me at times.

Maybe it is just how his character was written / portrayed, so I could be wrong.

The film started to lose its way near the end in my opinion.

The acting overall was good, especially the child actors / actresses like Abraham Attah, who were the real stars of this film.

The setting / environment / et cetera seemed realistic, like you were really there.

I felt that it probably did a good job trying to more accurately present the subject, which is serious and not pretty and not uplifting, so do not expect a happy film.

Beasts of No Nation | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a fictional multi-story college that has probably been in one or more of my past dreams.

I think that one of the upper floors had a restricted door that led to a restricted part of the building where the United States Navy had some restricted areas that have been in one or more of my pasts dreams before where I got to see inside the restricted areas.

This dream was yet another dream where I and other dream characters were helpless, no fighting back, no weapons, no armor, no help, et cetera, and in danger and getting massacred.

It started normal where people were having college like normal, but then huge groups of fast and wild and dangerous zombies ran through the school, attacking everyone.

They were fast, wild, ruthless, et cetera like wild humans in kill mode, so they were more dangerous than most zombies.

All you could do was run because they were so fast and the design of the building did not allow for you to hide really (open spaces and unlockable push to open double doors) and they got us by surprise.

We were just having class like normal when many fast zombies burst through the unlockable push to open double doors, attacking everyone, and at some point after running around the building from them.

I remember a Lara Croft-like woman being with me, and we were the only two people in the parts of the college we ran through.

We reached the gym at some point, which was quiet, but the zombies found us.

We ran around jumping on bleachers trying to avoid them, but they could still grab us.

I can not remember if time restarted several times or not in the dream, but I do remember us running around trying many different things to survive.

The zombies were so fast and the building design was so much in their advantage that our only option seemed to be constantly running.

There was a lot of running and bursting through double doors, but we never had time to stop to find something to block the doors.

The zombies were always right behind us no matter how many rooms and hallways we went through, it seemed hopeless, and at some point we burst into a classroom where people were still having class.

We told them to run, and the zombies burst in, causing chaos.

I got separated from the Lara Croft-like woman, so I am not sure what happened to her.

I just remember running with some other people until we reached the stairway/stairs, most of the zombies were distracted chasing other people, and so finally no zombies were right behind us.

We ran to an upper floor, trying to find a way out of the building or to the roof or somewhere to hide.

I remember us passing the restricted door that probably led to the restricted US Navy areas, but we avoided it to keep running.

This part of the college was not used much, so we did not know our way around, really.

So we were lost, we crossed a bridge-like area with no rails that looked very dangerous because you could fall below to the first floor.

It seemed that we were getting closer to the roof or an exit or to a place that we could hide.

This area reminded me of an area from another past dream, where there was an auditorium where fans of the television show The Walking Dead had come to meet the cast of the show.

I was with the cast of the show.

I woke up as we were trying to find somewhere to escape or hide before the zombies find us again.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a school or college during the day, maybe the same one from the first dream or a slightly different version of it.

This dream also had zombies in it, but it also had a man who had been turned into a creature / monster that possibly looked a bit like a vampire lord from the video game add-on/DLC/expansion The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard for the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube and an unknown thin man with dark-brownish colored skin wearing a silly looking winter cap / hat were in the dream.

I can only barely remember bits and pieces of this dream, but I remember some of the dream taking place either inside and/or outside the school/college near where Dashie and the unknown man were standing by, maybe an automobile and/or something that I can not remember.

I remember talking to them, and inside the school / college there were some problems with zombies.

A man with whitish colored skin got turned into a creature/monster like a vampire lord, he could still talk, he was still himself, so he did not attack people like the zombies did.

Another man was working on a cure to cure the zombies, and he was successful at some point during the dream.

He felt that his cure could cure the zombies and any monsters/creatures made during the dream.

He just needed a way to spread around the school/college, so he went to experiment with spreading the cure around the school/college.

I am not sure in what way(s) he tried to spread it, I just know that it was starting to work.

The man who looked like a vampire lord started to feel like he was changing back to normal.

I explained to him that the other man had made a cure and was releasing it around the school/college to see if it would work.

The man who looked like a vampire lord was not happy about this.

He was enjoying his new form and powers (he could float, fly, use magic, was stronger, was faster, was possibly semi-immortal, et cetera).,

So he was going to try to figure out a way to stop the cure from changing him back to a normal human.

I remember going outside with one or more people (maybe my brother GC was among them) and maybe we got inside an automobile.

We possibly went outside where it was safer and to see if any zombies were getting outside and to see if they were being cured or not.

I remember seeing some people running across a field behind the school/college that looked like the field/playground of the D Junior High School.

They were running to an opening in the fence that went into the forest and I saw a hyena running in the same direction, it did not seem to be chasing them.

It seemed to just be going in the same direction, and I was surprised and confused that there was a hyena running around.

So I watched it closely as it ran into the forest, and I warned the people running so that they could be careful.

I woke up before I could go back inside the building to see it the cure was still spreading/working.

The end,

  • John Jr

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