At A College With Samuel Witwer

I am not sure if this is one dream or two dreams so I will type them as one, my memory is very unclear so I can not remember most of this interesting dream or dreams, and at some point during the dream I was at a fictional college during the day.

At some point I remember being outside at the college with the actor Samuel Witwer and maybe one or more other people, at some point we saw a woman he knew, and we went to follow her so that we could greet her; and we ended up following her and some other people to a hidden area by a college building, and we caught them going into a secret underground shelter.

We stopped to greet the woman and to find out what was going on, she told us that we had to promise to not tell anyone what we saw, and she took us into the secret underground shelter to explain the situation to us after we made a promise to not tell anyone.

The woman told us that she and the other people were part of a secret group / society / whatever whose job was to maintain and use secret underground shelters that are scattered around the country/world for use in emergency situations to help make sure that at least part of the human population survives during major disasters, there are small groups of people assigned to each of the underground shelters scattered around the country/world, and they each have meetings at whichever secret underground shelter that they are assigned to sometimes where they maintain the underground shelter (food, water, supplies, electrical systems, et cetera)/practice emergency drills/train in skills needed to survive and evacuate themselves and others/pick new members if necessary/talk/et cetera.

Now that we knew about them and knew where their secret underground shelter was, we had to join their secret group and promise to not tell anyone and we had to attend their meetings that they have sometimes (at least once a year), and so we joined them and we agreed and we participated in their meeting; and then we left at some point.

The next part of the dream is very unclear and confusing and it possibly was another dream but I am not sure, and I remember it taking place at a college (possibly the same college) possibly underground or inside an indoor stadium where two American Football teams were playing American Football; but there were only a few people watching the game/match, and my former male classmate JO was on one of the teams, and his coach was a somewhat older man with whitish colored skin wearing a baseball cap/hat and a thin nylon jacket with pants.

The coach seemed to be the leader of a group as well, some strange things happened that I can not remember where a somewhat older man with whitish colored skin who was probably a scientist was taken hostage by the coach and his group during the game, and maybe I was somewhat a hostage too or I was on the football team or I was just watching; and the coach was trying to force the scientist to help his group with something, and maybe trying to force him to join his group.

The scientist was refusing to help so they were going to hold him hostage until he agreed, on the sidelines near some of the stadium seating were some tree stumps that you could sit on that were also toilets, and I remember the scientist sitting on one of them to defecate because he seemed to be a bit sick like he had eaten something bad or had diarrhea; and he was sitting on it a long time, and there was no privacy, but no one seemed to care or notice.

At some point after talking to my former classmate JO and maybe the coach, I needed to defecate as well so I sat on one of the tree stump toilets near the scientist, and we talked as we defecated; and at some point I wiped my butt with some toilet tissue and then I went to a bathroom behind the stadium seating to wash my butt and hands with soap and water, but I woke up after I did this.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


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