Helping A Female Vampire

Tilda Swinton in Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
Titles: Only Lovers Left Alive
People: Tilda Swinton
Photo by Sandro Kopp - © 2013 - Sony Pictures Classics
Source: IMDb

I had more dreams last night that I would have remembered but I got awakened during the night because someone turned on several heaters unnecessarily and they turned the heater outside the bedroom too high causing the temperature to rise too quickly and get so hot that it disturbed my sleep/dreaming causing me to wake up a bit hot and uncomfortable and starting to sweat a bit, and this caused me to forget all of my dreams that I had before going back to sleep again later once I cooled down a bit.

So because of that disturbance I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream, my memory is so flawed that this dream is now very unclear unfortunately, but I will try to type the little bit that I can remember of this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a one-story apartment-like house where I think a female vampire who somewhat reminded me of Tilda Swinton’s character Eve from the film Only Lovers Left Alive, and I think that this female vampire would possibly teach people things at her house and possibly also help people in her community in other ways at her house; and I remember being at her house with some other people.

I can not remember if I was a human or a ghoul or a vampire, I also do not remember what the other people were who were there with us, I can not remember what we were doing, but I think that the female vampire was possibly teaching us something and/or helping us in some other way but I am not sure; and she seemed to be known for helping her community in positive ways.

At some point a group of strange-looking people with very pale whitish colored skin who seemed to be a family started to approach the house, I sensed danger and that they were probably vampires here to kill the female vampire as revenge for something, and so I warned the female vampire and the others; and the female vampire told the others to hide or leave, and she went to go answer the door.

I warned her that we should be prepared and that maybe we should not answer the door until we knew what they wanted, she said that she was ready, and I saw a sword that was possibly a katana laying on a shelf so I handed it to her; and then I stood at a distance ready to help if needed, and then she answered the door.

The strange people (who I think were a family of vampires) were very angry and they probably forced their way in ranting about something that the female vampire had supposedly done and that they were here for revenge and they were going to kill her, the female vampire tried to explain that this was a misunderstanding and that she was innocent but they would not listen, and so they attacked her and I ran to help but she told me to stay back; and she still tried to convince them to stop attacking her, but when that failed she fought back.

Her sword / katana was so weak that it would move a bit as she swung it like it was a fake sword, I can not remember if she killed any of her attackers or not during the fight but I know that she was winning even though she was out-numbered against an entire family, and I do remember that I finally was allowed to join the fight when one of the sons (a young man) in the family pulled out a pistol to try to shoot the female vampire while she was still fighting.

I tried to tell him to stop but he would not listen to me so I disarmed him, he tried to fight me even as I tried to get him to stop, and so I easily defeated him by putting him in a chokehold until he was unconscious for his and our safety to avoid further injury to him and others; and shortly after this his family retreated from the house leaving him behind.

He woke up and we kept him hostage hoping to return him to his family in exchange for a peace agreement/truce/whatever or until we could convince the family that they were mistaken and that the female vampire was not the person who they were looking for, if we were to let him go before then there was a high risk that they would return with guns to attack us, and so even though we did not want to hold him hostage it seemed to be the best option at the time to help prevent them from attacking us for now and since they had probably left him behind.

As we waited for his family to contact us and as we tried to figure out how to contact them, a gang of armed men with dark-brownish colored skin led by a live action / real life somewhat more serious and better dressed version of the character Fat Larry from the video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines entered the house, we knew Fat Larry and he knew us and the female vampire had probably helped him before and/or did business with him before in the past; and so him and his gang did not have their guns out, and he spoke with us politely explaining why him and his gang were here.

Fat Larry told us that the family had paid him and his gang to come get and return their son safely, he said that he had no problems with us and that he considered us to be on friendly terms with him and his gang and that the female vampire had helped him and did business before with him in the past and they she was helpful to the community, but that this was just business; and he felt that we would give the son over to him and his gang without any problems, but I could see that his gang were ready to pull out their guns if we refused.

Fat Larry told us that we should have called him and his gang and paid them to return the son to his family, he would have rather be doing business with us instead of that family, but he had a business and a gang to run so he accepted money/work from who ever would pay him; and he hoped that in the future that we would remember to contact him first to avoid awkward situations like this.

We probably asked Fat Larry to give the family a message when he returns the son, probably hoping for peace and to clear up the misunderstanding, and he probably agreed and he probably told us that if our message failed that we could pay him and his gang to protect us from the family; and then him and his gang left to return the son and to give his family our message, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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