Talking To Nurses

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream, which was a very positive dream that took place late in the afternoon or during the early evening inside a medical clinic inside a shopping mall near the entrance of the mall when you first walk inside the mall, and I possibly went to the medical clinic with my brother GC but I can not remember.

If my brother GC was in the dream then I waited in the first waiting room with him where the front desk was until he was called into the second waiting room which was near the door where the nurses (they were mostly female in this dream, but there were maybe a few male nurses and/or nurse practitioners and/or doctors in the dream) would take you once the doctors and maybe nurse practitioners were ready for you, and the second waiting room had windows with a view into the parking lot of the mall but the first waiting room did not.

Waiting in the first waiting room in a chair near me was a woman with light brownish/whitish colored skin with long blackish colored hair with a half-circle thing on her hair that helps hold it in place maybe (I am not sure what they call it, it is a solid piece (possibly coated with something soft) and probably often made of plastic or somewhat bendable metal/whatever instead fabric that is probably somewhat bendable) who was possibly not a citizen of whatever country we were in yet who probably could speak Spanish, and she had a baby who was a girl who she had in a baby carrier/whatever in the seat next to her; and there were a few other people in the first waiting room, but I did not pay attention to them.

The woman seemed to be lower-class and low-income like me and a bit stressed and tired like she was often busy working and taking care of her baby, at some point her baby girl started crying so she started trying to stop her from crying, but it was not working and then a somewhat older female nurse (maybe a RN (registered nurse)) with whitish colored skin called her up to the front desk for something.

Even though I was uncomfortable as usual due to untreated social anxiety disorder / generalized anxiety disorder and shyness et cetera, I knew that the woman needed help so I offered to hold her crying baby while she walked to the front desk to talk with the nurse, and she let me hold her baby; and I actually got the baby to stop crying, the baby seemed happy as I held her and played with her, and I felt happy/positive holding her instead of feeling awkward holding someone else’s baby to my surprise.

When the woman returned she thanked me for holding her baby and she let me hold her baby a bit longer because her baby and I were really enjoying it, the woman and I started a conversation as I quickly became very comfortable and happy, and her baby fell asleep in my arms so she put her back in her baby carrier so that she could sleep; and then the woman and I continued our great conversation, we had a great conversation and I was completely relaxed at this point, and at some point she laid her head on me as we talked because she was tired and very relaxed and it looked like I was holding her.

At some point maybe a female nurse (maybe a LPN (licensed practical nurse)) with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair called the woman and her baby to the second waiting room, somehow the female nurse and I ended up starting a conversation (she probably mistakenly thought that I was dating or married to the woman with the baby, and that is probably how we started a conversation), and we also had a great conversation that energized me; and since there was no sleeping baby around I was talking louder, without realizing it because I was so energized by the conversation in a good way, and sometimes the nurse had to stop our conversation to go do her job.

During one of these times there was another female nurse (maybe a CNA (certified nursing assistant)) with whitish colored skin with maybe light-colored hair who was cleaning desks/chairs near me with alcohol wipes / wet wipes, I asked her about their desk/chair cleaning procedures/protocols/rules/whatever and if she would show me how to properly clean desks/chairs and I offered to help her, and so she gave me a wet wipe and she showed me how to clean the desks/chairs; and I remember her telling me that you had to make sure that you cleaned every part of the desks/chairs.

I started a conversation with her as we cleaned desks/chairs, I was still comfortable and energized from my past two conversations, and the nurse and I also had a great conversation that continued to energize me; and we had such a great conversation that the nurse probably stopped working most of the time (most of the people in the first waiting room were gone now though), and sometimes the other nurse would stop to talk with me still.

As the new nurse and I were still having a great conversation I was called to the second waiting room, the older nurse at the front desk called the new nurse over to the desk, and as I was walking to the second waiting room it seemed that the new nurse had probably gotten in trouble for talking with me too much and not working enough; and I heard the older nurse telling her to go home for the day, but I could not hear what else she told her but it did not sound good.

I felt bad and worried for the new nurse and I hoped that she was not going to lose her job and that she did not get in trouble because of me, as I waited in the second waiting room thinking about this among the other people waiting, I saw that it was dark outside now and I saw a woman with medium-brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair standing outside the window talking on her mobile phone before walking to her automobile in the parking lot.

The other nurse who I had also talked to stopped to talk to me briefly a few times but not long, she probably overheard the older nurse talking to the newer nurse, and maybe she told me that the newer nurse was probably going to be okay; and so I probably felt somewhat better, but I still was a bit worried and I blamed myself a bit.

Overall I was still feeling pretty good, I had some great memories/experiences to think about, and it felt good to have had some good conversations with people/strangers for a change; but I woke up as I continued to wait and think.

The end,

-John Jr

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