Picking Up A Pig / Hog / Wild Boar

I only remember part of my last dream from last night, I had more dreams but I forgot them somehow, and I remember waking up in the dream late in the morning or early in the afternoon in my bed; and my family was gone, and so I was alone inside the house.

I woke up later than I should have but instead of starting my normal routine I started watching some videos on a computer in the bedroom, I remember most of the videos being from a True Blood-like television series or it was True Blood, but part of them or some of them were possibly pornographic (maybe just some sex scenes in the show or something like that); and at some point some of my family returned before I was finished watching the videos, and before I had even started my normal morning routine.

My mom returned, my brothers KD and TD returned from school, and my brother GC returned but I am not sure where he was returning from; and then I started trying to start my morning routine quickly, but I remember some of my family leaving the house to walk to The E House and The G House to do something so I followed them.

We possibly stopped at The E House to get the mail and newspaper and clean up something, my brother GC and I then went to The G House to do something that I can not remember and I assume that my male cousin DE was possibly hiding or sleeping because I did not see him but maybe I heard him moving in his bedroom like he was hiding or sleeping, and as we were leaving The G House out the back door I noticed some new unopened LED light bulbs and some motion-sensor floodlights or porch lights in a plastic shopping bag on the back porch.

I assumed that someone was going to install them on the back porch and maybe the front porch, I assumed that either my dad or my uncle CE or my cousin DE were the ones who bought them and who would install them, but that was just my wild guess.

My brother GC possibly walked back to The E House to finish helping the rest of our family who were almost done doing whatever they were doing at The E House but I started walking back to the house so that I could start my morning routine because I was way behind schedule, and as I was walking through the wooden gate I heard my mom telling me to watch out as she was leaving the yard of The E House.

I turned to see a not fully grown / adult dark-colored pig or hog or wild boar with fur running full speed toward me like it was trying to get through the gate to reach the alley where the pet cages (rabbits, chickens, ducks, and a male pot-bellied pig) are, and so I went to close the gate to stop it; but before I could close the gate it jumped in the air and it managed to jump over the top area where the gate would have stopped it if it were closed and I was surprised how high it had jumped.

I then ran after the pig / hog / wild boar to catch it as it tried to avoid me, I managed to grab its back legs and it was very strong, but I managed to grab all of its legs and I picked it up upside down carrying it so that it could not get free; and fortunately it was not fully grown or it would have been too heavy for me to pick up, but it was still a bit heavy and strong.

It tried to escape but holding it upside down in the air made it harder for it to fight, my mom and I did not know who the pig/hog/wild boar belonged to, and so my mom was going to call around to find out if anyone knew who owned it but it was possibly just a wild hog/pig/boar.

I was not going to be able to hold it all day and we had no extra empty cages so I was not sure what to do with it, I thought about tying its legs with rope or typing a rope around its neck as a leash and collar but I did not want to risk it hurting itself or hurting it, and so I considered closing the gate and letting it run around outside the gate trying to get in the alley; but it would probably break the gate or fence or hurt itself or just jump over, and so I continued holding it upside down as I tried to figure out what to do but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr