Kilgrave Following Jessica Jones

David Tennant and Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones (2015)

Titles: Jessica Jones
People: David Tennant, Krysten Ritter
Source: IMDb

All three of my dreams from last night were inspired by the episode of the television series Jessica Jones that I watched last night, the dreams were longer and more detailed, but I accidentally went back to sleep when I was trying to think about my dreams before voice recording them; and so now I can only barely remember part of each of the three dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved the character Kilgrave following the character Jessica Jones to a college that I was at, Kilgrave was constantly trying to follow Jessica Jones everywhere she went, and he was leaving a trail of victims and dead people who he used his mind control superpowers on.

Jessica Jones would not kill him and instead she kept running and making terrible plans to catch him that kept failing which led to more people becoming victims of Kilgrave everywhere she went, and I remember being inside a large strange gym at the college that possibly had a strange rail/slide/stair/structure along most of the walls that was almost like a roller-coaster ride in someways maybe except that you walked on it; but I can not remember the strange and interesting things that happened.

I just know that Jessica Jones and Kilgrave passed through the gym at some point, Kilgrave probably used his mind control powers on some people (maybe even me but probably not because he probably did not see me on the strange structure along the walls, but I can not remember), and then I went after Kilgrave to try to stop him; and I found Kilgrave inside another building at the college where he had interrupted maybe a banquet, and he was using his mind control powers on some of the people including a woman who had the power to move very fast (maybe it was Jessica Jones, but I can not remember).

The woman with powers and/or Jessica Jones was/were able to somewhat resist Killgrave’s mind control powers at some point and she could have killed him, the people being mind controlled kept telling her to kill Killgrave, but she would not; and so he was able to escape because she would not kill him, and another group of victims were left behind and there was anger directed at Jessica Jones and/or the woman who refused to kill Killgrave.

I wanted to help but it was too late and I was too far away and Kilgrave was controlling them, after he escaped I stopped to talk with the people who were angry and realized that Jessica Jones constant failed plans and refusal to kill Kilgrave were actually helping to protect Kilgrave as he continued to leave a trail of his victims everywhere she went because he kept following her everywhere she went, and I remember wanting to start a support group for the/us victims of Kilgrave and I wanted to continue trying to find a way to stop him/kill him; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I probably met some survivors of Kilgrave which included my former male classmate AK, some of us had formed a secret support group whose mission was to meet secretly in various places around the college campus often to support each other and try to follow Kilgrave’s movements and try to find a way to stop/kill him and to try to figure out his weaknesses and strengths et cetera, and we knew that Kilgrave had an expensive hidden security team protecting him and Jessica Jones kept stopping anyone from killing him; and so we had to keep our group secret, and only go after Kilgrave once we felt that we really could accomplish our mission to stop or kill him.

We walked outside the college campus on our way to a small house that looked like my uncle CE’s old house and the street looked like the same street that it is on, we were going to relax first and maybe go somewhere else, but once we got there the weather started to get strange like a very bad storm was coming; and we started to see and hear very strange lightning and thunder in the sky like a strange terrible thunderstorm was starting, and for some reason it scared my former classmate AK and I because it felt like something seriously bad was going to happen.

It felt like we would not be safe in the small house like lightning/whatever would destroy it and that we needed to quickly get some supplies and get to one of the large and sturdy multi-story college buildings like the dorms or one of the other college buildings, it felt like a major disaster or something strange was going to happen, and so we quickly packed some bags; and we ran back to the college to try to get to a safer building, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that our secret support group for some victims of Kilgrave were meeting for one of our secret meetings on an upper floor of one of the college buildings from the first two dreams, we wanted to expand our secret support group to more people but it was not safe or wise for various reasons, and so we kept the secret support group small; and there was a class taking place in a classroom across the hall somewhat past the room that we were meeting in.

My former female classmate NF was a friend of a man with whitish colored skin in our support group, we talked to her before we left for the meeting, and she was possibly a victim of Kilgrave too and we wanted to tell her about our secret support group but we felt that it was too dangerous to tell her and we did not want to risk her getting killed if our mission failed; and so we did not tell her before we left.

We met in a small room that was like a combination of a classroom, meeting room, and teacher’s/professor’s lounge with a bathroom and kitchen; and as we were talking and waiting for everyone to arrive my former classmate NF heard her friend talking, she overheard part of a conversation, and she entered our room.

We decided to tell her the truth and she was angry that we did not tell her because she wanted to join even with all the risks, she was angry and felt that we did not trust her (which was false), and so we explained why we did not tell her; and then we let her join our secret support group, and then we started our meeting.

We started with a peer group session to talk about our experiences and support each other and to talk about our progress to improve our mental health since being mind controlled by Kilgrave, and then we talked about any new information about Kilgrave like: new victims, last known locations, information about his security team, we were also trying to experiment with the idea that we could build a resistance to his mind control powers and more.

I possibly felt that I possibly had some resistance to his mind control powers and I knew that Jessica Jones and/or the other woman with powers did too, and we wanted to test this and try to figure out how would could safely build this resistance in others and increase this resistance and was possibly willing to be the test subject by trying to get close enough to Kilgrave so that he could use his mind control powers on me because I had a hypothesis that the more and longer that he used his powers on you the more that you could possibly build a resistance to it if you kept trying to fight it; and we talked about other things, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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