Agent K Helps A Boy

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the television series Jessica Jones, it involved something that kept happening during the dream, and it involved someone with superpowers and someone without superpowers; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of the dream involved my family and I out somewhere, maybe a large one-story windowless building, and after this part of the dream the dream became so unclear and confusing that I can not remember if I was myself during some parts of the dream or if I was a boy who became the main character during some parts of the dream or if I was just seeing things without being in the dream anymore during some parts of the dream; my guess is that the dream involved all of those perspectives and changes, and so that is why it is probably so confusing and unclear because it probably changed throughout the dream and there were time jumps throughout the dream and parts of the dream took place in space / outer space and on other planets.

At some point in the dream during the night a boy with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair in a bowl-like hairstyle saw something outside involving aliens and Agent K (Kevin Brown) from the film Men In Black (which I have never seen before), and after Agent K was finished dealing with the aliens/whatever he went to erase the boy’s memory of what he had seen; but for some unknown reason(s) he decided to do something else instead.

It seemed that maybe he felt that the boy was special and that the boy might be able to help save humanity by helping humanity survive aliens and expand to settle on other planets or something like that but that is my guess, and there was something else that he thought that the boy might be able to achieve but I never got to learn what that was.

So instead of erasing the boy’s memory, Agent K hid the memories of what had just happened along with all of his own knowledge of aliens and other things like that, and he sealed these memories and this knowledge to be automatically activated in the future at certain times and in different situations et cetera when needed to help the boy survive and help him save humanity et cetera.

There was a time jump in the dream and one day something happened and some of the memories were activated so the boy remembered what had happened and that aliens existed, he came in contact with some aliens, and something happened where he ended up getting to travel around outer space in spaceships dealing with aliens (friendly, unfriendly, neutral) in outer space and on other planets; and I guess some humans started to settle on other planets.

I remember the boy having some spaceship battles with some insect-like aliens in space, space was pretty dark and quiet and so were the spaceships that the boy used, and so things seemed realistic; and there was a specific mission that the boy wanted to achieve, I assume the unexplained one that Agent K hoped that he could achieve, and this mission involved finding something on an undiscovered planet that had not been settled yet but that is all that I learned about this mission during the dream.

I forgot to mention that I assume that Agent K was probably dead now and so the boy probably only had the memories and knowledge that Agent K gave him to remember and somewhat communicate with him by, these memories and this knowledge would activate and help him survive, and I remember this saving him in some of his spaceship battles against the insect-like aliens; and this allowed him to automatically know what kind of alien he was dealing with, their strengths and weaknesses, et cetera.

At some point in the dream the boy finally found the undiscovered planet where he hoped to find whatever he was looking for to achieve his mission, he wanted to keep this secret and he was supposed to go to the planet alone, but he decided to bring an older man and his daughter and part of their army who all wore maybe greenish and yellowish colored ancient Chinese-like armor as protection in case some aliens/someone tried to attack and get whatever he was looking for.

They landed on the unsettled planet and they reached a large one-story windowless building, the father and his daughter probably sent their army to guard the area, and they followed the boy into the building to look for whatever they were looking for; and I remember them walking through several areas until they reached a maybe bathroom-like area, and they started talking.

At some point something strange happened where suddenly some human tourists and/or settlers arrived on the planet, even though no one had known that it existed until now, and they entered the building; but then something happened where either aliens attacked the planet or someone betrayed them; and so now the boy and the father and his daughter and their army had to defend the settlers and planet and whatever they were looking for.

Even though they had part of an army, they were outnumbered by the aliens and the aliens had advanced weapons and spaceships, and there was no one to back them up unless the father and daughter could call the rest of their army and hope to survive until they arrived; and so the situation seemed bad, the boy probably had not found what he was looking for yet but he did not want everyone to die, and so he went to go help fight the aliens back until hopefully the rest of the army arrived instead of continuing his search for whatever he was looking for.

If they lost the battle then whatever he was looking for might be found by the aliens, the boy did not want that to happen and so this made the situation even worse, I was possibly in the dream but I can not remember; and I woke up as the boy was running to his spaceship to join the fight.

The end,

-John Jr

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