Mario’s Racing Team

I had some interesting dreams last night but I was not able to voice record most of the interesting and important details, and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it involved some people and I exploring across islands/countries/wherever in isolated places, some of the people with me were former classmates like my former female classmate EB and one or more of the people were possibly celebrities and I do not know who the other people were, and I think that we found a large one-story windowless building on an isolated island; and inside this building there was a main lobby and with many doors that led to many different areas, and behind those doors and in those different areas there were strange paranormal and supernatural and other threats and obstacles.

Our team were exploring when we started to discover and experience strange things, eventually it became a situation of survival where we were facing various threats, and only some of us survived and managed to escape the building; and my former classmate EB, at least one male celebrity with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair, a few others, and I survived.

We probably told some other people and eventually one or more male celebrities built a new team to go exploring and they asked us veteran survivors of the last team to join them so we did, and at some point they wanted to see the building where some of our team were killed; and we stopped to tell them once again how bad and dangerous it was and that they were not ready to survive it, and we told them that we would take them to the lobby but that we should not go through any of the doors.

The male celebrity leading the new team gave a great speech trying to give everyone courage but he wanted to explore the building, but us veteran survivors did not think that they were ready; and we told them that they should at least train with us and prepare themselves, and then come back again in the future when they are ready.

Some of us survivors probably wanted to find the dead bodies of our teammates and figure out what was going on inside the building and defeat the threats, but we needed a team that was bigger and better prepared; but we were a bit tempted to face the threats alone because we still were haunted by our previous experiences, and we wanted to face those fears.

We brought the new team into the lobby and we told them our story, the leader of the new team wanted to explore but once again we told him not too, but I can not remember what happened next other than us wanting to leave the building before someone gets killed.

There was a time jump in the dream to where I joined a team near the end of a racing competition that involved drinking juice and racing or something like that, the team was started by a male cyclist named Mario who started his own racing team with a few people wanting to get in better shape/physical condition or something like that, and our team won the competition I think.

There was another time jump where someone was combining that racing competition with a life and dead obstacle course inspired by the building where some of my team were killed by various paranormal and supernatural and other threats, and this was going to be a reality television series; and so a few of us veteran survivors like my former classmate EB and I and maybe some people from the racing team decided to join this new competition/reality television series.

Everyone taking part in the new competition/reality television series met inside a shopping mall-like building that was possibly meant to be loosely inspired by the building where some of my team were killed, they somewhat explained the things to us and the host of the competition/show was a man with whitish colored skin wearing a suit and there was a film crew filming everything, and we had to sign papers accepting that we could die and that they would not be responsible.

My former classmate EB, some people from the winning racing team, and I had planned on being on the same team; but the people over the competition/reality television series randomly assigned people to teams, and some how my former classmate EB and one person from the winning racing team and my former male classmate JH were picked to be on my team.

After they picked the teams everyone who they did not put on a team had to play the role of threats/obstacles, they were moved to the first room where the first part of the competition would take place, and they were each given a random weapon to use against those of us on the survivor teams; and their jobs were to try to stop us from making it through each obstacle course, and so people could die.

Somehow my former classmate JH and I were randomly chosen to compete in the first part of the competition for our team, before the competition started I told my team that I would be the person on the team to be sacrificed or who would be used for the most dangerous parts of the competition, and that I was willing to die if necessary and since I was one the veteran survivors I was better prepared for this.

I seriously was putting my life at risk and I was not afraid and it was almost like I wanted to or expected to die or that I needed to do this for myself and for the people on our team who died, it was like that experience had left me no longer afraid of death and somewhat welcoming it, and maybe I also wanted to test myself to see if I thought that I could survive trying to explore that building again; and if I did, then I would probably return to that building with the other veteran survivors to defeat the threats, and return the bodies of our dead teammates.

The first part of the competition took place in an office-like room with many doors and obstacles where we could be ambushed, you never knew when someone would attack you or not, and we had no weapons or armor to defend ourselves; and so when the competition started my former classmate JH and I took our time at first moving through the area.

The goal was to make it through the obstacle course alive and you were ranked by how fast you made it through, we started slow getting a feel for the course as various threats and obstacles were thrown at us, but then I started moving fast once I got a feel for the course.

One of the people on the threat/obstacle team was the actor John Cusack whose weapon was poison, somehow he accidentally killed someone when he used two or more drops of poison on them not knowing that it was that strong, but I did not stop to look because I was rushing to get through as fast as I could; and I got stabbed through my hand by someone as I ran through the obstacle course, and I was the first person to finish.

A female nurse with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair gave me something to hold on my wound but she ran off to help the person who died of poison and other injured people, there was some blood and puss-like liquid slowly coming out of my wound sometimes, and I remember waiting at the exit of the course for the nurse to return for a while; and I remember some older woman with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, one of whom was dressed like a nurse, talking about how no one was helping me and they were disappointed in this.

They told me so and I told them that maybe the nurses were just too busy with the other injured people and the person who died, they probably felt that the nurses were just racist or something like that, and I started to wonder what was going on as well because I was waiting for a while and I was the first person to finish the course but no one was coming to help me with my wound.

I saw John Cusack walking toward the exit after learning that he accidentally killed someone with too much poison (he was just trying to slow them down, not realizing that only two or more drops of poison could kill), I heard him saying that he did not know that it was that powerful because no one had told him (I believed him and he seemed somewhat sorry, but he was not as bothered by it as you would expect), and I remember being surprised that this was allowed on reality television and I wondered how was this even legal; but we all knew that we could die so it was expected at some point, but maybe not this early in the competition and by accident.

I woke up as I continued to wait while applying pressure to my wound that was still slowly leaking blood and puss.

Dream 2

There was more to this long and interesting dream that I can not remember and all that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place in the city of D, I can not remember the beginning of the dream any more so a lot of the dream is missing, but I do remember that a family gathering from my mom’s side of the family was taking place at The E House.

I went there late in the afternoon or during the evening to the family gathering, various family members (my aunt DE, my uncle EE, my cousin EE and his family, my uncle CE, my aunt ME, my aunt SE, and more) were there drinking and eating and talking and watching television et cetera outside and inside, and they even had televisions and chairs/sofas and coolers of beer outside where the garden used to be near The G House.

I remember mostly hanging out near the chairs/sofas near the damaged and abandoned R Mobile Home/Trailer, at some point I was talking to a fictional or real man I knew who had whitish colored skin with yellowish or light-colored hair who either knew my former male classmate JF or who somewhat reminded me of him or who was a fictional version of him, and most or all of my family members left somewhere but they were going to come back.

The man and I were going to leave by car somewhere but I noticed some packs of Miller High Life beer in glass bottles, it is one of several alcoholic drinks that I was curious to see what they taste like even though I do not drink alcoholic drinks but I have tasted a few, and so I wanted to taste one but I was not sure who they belonged to; and my family members were gone so I could not ask them, and so I asked the man if they were his.

The man did not answer the question but he did say that he had some beer, I asked him if I could taste one and I was even willing to pay, but he did not really say if he would let me taste or buy one or not; and I remember us driving away in an old car that was possibly a light brownish and medium brownish color like an old car that my mom used to have when I was a kid.

I remember talking to the man about the few alcoholic drinks that I have tasted in my life and the ones that I still want to try, the man still was hesitant and would not say if he would let me try or buy one of his beers or not, and maybe at some point I dropped him off at his house; and then I drove back to the family gathering.

My memory is unclear but I remember being back at the family gathering during the night, there was a group of people asking people to donate blood outside near the garden and sitting area; and so I started donating some blood, they had me lay on a sofa, and they stuck the needle in my arm and they were going to fill up several blood bags (they filled up several bags of my blood, but I am not sure how many because I did not look).

Strange things happened that I can not remember while I was donating blood, one strange thing was that Nazi-like soldiers with light-brownish somewhat/almost camouflage-like military uniforms were around the area like we were donating blood that they would use or something like that, and the doctors/nurses/scientists seemed to be with them like this was part of an experiment or something like that; and so they probably tricked us.

At some point I remember being a bit weak and cold while I was still donating blood, my former female classmate MK or a woman who reminded me of her started kissing and massaging my cold feet that were exposed for some unknown reason, and at first I thought that this was weird and I wanted her to stop; but it seemed that she was trying to help warm up my feet, and warm me up.

She started moving up from my feet with her hands and her hands were warm so it was helping to warm me up because I was cold, she seemed very into this and being very seductive which was awkward at first, but then I guess she started to seduce me or something because I started to accept it as she move closer up my body keeping me warm with her body; but that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more to this dream that I can no longer remember unfortunately.

I woke up still feeling what I felt in that moment and I felt comfortable and relaxed and good like a healing sensation and/or the feeling you get when being seduced.

The end,

-John Jr

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