If I Ruled The World

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called If I Ruled The World, and the question was:

“You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature.

How do you use it?”.

And this is my answer:

Law of nature can mean/refer to different things so I am not sure which meaning you are referring to, how many laws of nature there are, what are the laws of nature, and so I can not properly answer this question without this missing information to clarify this very unclear question.

So I will answer this very unclear question with two maybes:

I would maybe put humanity on a modified version of God Emperor Leto Atreides II’s The Golden Path, or change a law of nature to insure a perpetual state of balance that even humanity can not mess up.

When Marnie Was There

Last night my brother GC and I watched a Japanese anime film called When Marnie Was There, the movie had good visuals/animation and good sounds and music and a more realistic feel/tone to it that is usually missing from popular cartoons/animations so you could almost forget that it was an animation, but it is a film with some problems and so it is a film that you have to watch at a certain time in a certain environment to enjoy it more and/or you will enjoy it more if it manages to connect with you personally/emotionally or else you may find it boring and too slow and unnecessary and awkward/strange and confusing at times because parts of the film and the trailer for the film can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted at times and because of some of the flaws in/problems with the film.

My brother GC probably did not like it very much and he started zoning out and doing something else as he watched the film, I had some problems with the film as well and I did not like certain things like: how they jumped around sometimes leaving you confused, how certain things were not explained, and how they handled some of the relationships in a way that could easily be misunderstood and/or that could be seen as awkward and strange; but the film managed to keep my attention just enough as I tried to figure out the mystery, thanks to the visuals and audio and the more realistic tone and situations that can make you forget that it is animated, and I was a bit surprised at the end.

I had to hold back some tears during the film and after watching the film my brother GC went outside, the film reminded me of some things from my own life (I do not want to reveal what exactly because it would ruin the ending of the film) and made me think about what if something like this happened in real life and what would it be like, and this connected with me personally/emotionally (partly because of the use of dreams in this film, and my own interest in dreams) and I actually started crying as I was thinking about the film which is super rare for me to ever cry (I sometimes go years without ever crying, and only a few people have ever seen or heard me cry); but I held a lot of it back to avoid anyone knowing or hearing that I was somewhat crying, so I did not let it all out, and so some of it is still with me today.

This along with the fact that I probably slept without waking up or getting up during the night, caused me to forget almost all of my dreams from last night, and so now I can barely remember part of my last dream which is so unclear and incomplete and confusing and makes no sense that I will have to make guesses about it because my memory of it is so flawed.

So expect errors, missing details, things that make no sense, and that I could be wrong about this dream because my memory of it is so unclear and flawed so please do not get offended by this wacky and unclear and probably error filled dream that makes no sense.


All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved what I assume was a few high-level people and some of their family members from what I assume was a Christian church that I think was supposed to be or be based on Jimmy Swaggart Ministries (JSM) / Family Worship Center who were secretly hunting and trapping and imprisoning various paranormal, supernatural, and other unknown beings/entities/maybe possessed people/et cetera.

I think that maybe Jimmy Swaggart and maybe Donnie Swaggart and maybe one or two other high-level members of the church were shown briefly during the dream, if they were in the dream they had small high level background roles in the dream where they would be contacted/met with in secret and asked for advice as the final say of what was to be done with each supernatural/paranormal/whatever entity/being/maybe possessed person/whoever who was trapped/caught/imprisoned, and so they were the leaders of the main inner counsel/circle/whatever who were over the secret hunting/trapping/imprisoning group within the church.

I do not think that the rest of the church knew about this secret mission or secret group, I think that only a few family members of the inner counsel/circle knew and took part in it, and the main hunter/trapper/imprisoner in the dream was a very determined/dedicated woman with whitish colored skin with short brownish or dark-colored hair who was probably a fictional family member of some of the secret inner counsel/circle/whatever.

The woman and the others in their secret group would hunt and track various paranormal/supernatural/whatever beings and entities, some looked like normal people who I assume were either possessed and/or were shapeshifters and/or who were not human but looked human and/or something like that, and then they would set a trap to trap/imprison them; and they would trap/imprison them in one or more parts of a maybe one or more house-like buildings.

Each time that they trapped someone/something, they would have to have to remove/sacrifice something from their trap to help avoid whatever they had trapped from escaping, and they had to be very careful when choosing what to remove/sacrifice or they would risk leaving a weak spot in their trap that would allow whatever they had trapped to escape; and so they would contact/met with the inner counsel/circle to get their opinion and final say on the matter once they finished examining the situation.

Sometimes their traps that they imprisoned things/people in would be part of a hallway or an entire hallway or part of a room or an entire room or part of a corner or an entire part of the building, it varied, and so each trap was unique and took up various parts of the building or buildings that they were set up in.

I am not sure what their agenda was, how long they would imprison them, how would they keep them alive or how long would they keep them alive, how did they know who to trap, what and who were they trapping, what they were doing with them, et cetera; but they seemed very dedicated to this task/mission and maybe they wanted to make this public one day, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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