10 thoughts on “Twenty Sixteen Theme Category Test Post

  1. Testing only: Once again, I’ve read your blog post too quickly and figured a “Category” widget will suffice. But I can see the various “tags” for this post. I noticed that you’re using a “dark” background with “light” fonts, which you’ve not used in the past. Overall, the 2016 WordPress theme looks good, though I’ve yet to try it. Flynn.

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    • Hello Flynn,

      It is good to see a direct comment from you again, it has been a while. 😉

      Yes you are correct, I was and am already using the Category widget and this post was about getting the categories for each post to show in the post meta data area on the front page/home page and/or on single posts, because the Twenty Sixteen theme was only showing the date and tags and authors (on single posts only unfortunately) for each post but not the categories (also it does not show post time-stamps unfortunately, I made a request for that too, but I doubt that they will add it).

      The developers would not change this so they suggested creating at least one post set to a different category so that I will have more than one category on my blog, at first my only category was Dream Journal, and so I needed to create at least one post with another category so I created this post with the Uncategorized category; and fortunately this caused the Twenty Sixteen theme to show the categories in the post meta data area for each post on the front page/home page and on single posts, and so their idea and this experiment/test worked to get around this annoyance.

      Yes, my brother GC suggested trying/testing the dark color scheme and so I decided to try it so that people can see the snow effect, but once the snow effect is removed I might return to the default color scheme.

      I am curious Flynn, how would you rank these color schemes for my blog from best to worst?

      1. Default

      2. Dark

      3. Gray

      4. Yellow

      Thank you for directly commenting Flynn,
      -John Jr

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