Twenty Sixteen Theme Category Test Post

This is a test post to see if I can get the Twenty Sixteen theme to show my post categories on the front page/home page and/or on single posts if I have at least one other post on my blog set to a different category (I currently only have one category used actively on my blog), at this time the Twenty Sixteen theme does not show categories for posts on the front page or single post pages if you are only using one category on your blog, which is annoying and unacceptable to exclude important post meta data like this in my opinion (I think that there should always be an option to show all the post meta data (authors, categories, tags, date, time-stamps, et cetera) on the front page and on single posts) regardless.

So this is a test post to see if I can get past this annoyance because the developers will not change this, I asked, but they intentionally designed the Twenty Sixteen theme this way for some strange unknown reasons; and so they will not change this.

I mean no disrespect to the developers, I just do not agree with your decision on this and on some other things, but I do want to thank you for considering some of my feedback and bug reports and for making the Twenty Sixteen theme and the previous default WordPress themes and for some of the other work that you do; and I hope that you will continue to make a default WordPress theme each year, and that you will continue to consider my feedback and bug reports.

If this works, then I will probably keep this post instead of deleting it so that my categories will show on the Twenty Sixteen theme and hopefully on other themes that are designed with this annoyance, but if this test does not work then I will delete this test post.

*This test was a success, and so I will be keeping this post for now so that categories will show on my blog when using the Twenty Sixteen theme and hopefully on other themes like this.*

-John Jr

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Testing only: Once again, I’ve read your blog post too quickly and figured a “Category” widget will suffice. But I can see the various “tags” for this post. I noticed that you’re using a “dark” background with “light” fonts, which you’ve not used in the past. Overall, the 2016 WordPress theme looks good, though I’ve yet to try it. Flynn.

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Hello Flynn,

It is good to see a direct comment from you again, it has been a while. 😉

Yes you are correct, I was and am already using the Category widget and this post was about getting the categories for each post to show in the post meta data area on the front page/home page and/or on single posts, because the Twenty Sixteen theme was only showing the date and tags and authors (on single posts only unfortunately) for each post but not the categories (also it does not show post time-stamps unfortunately, I made a request for that too, but I doubt that they will add it).

The developers would not change this so they suggested creating at least one post set to a different category so that I will have more than one category on my blog, at first my only category was Dream Journal, and so I needed to create at least one post with another category so I created this post with the Uncategorized category; and fortunately this caused the Twenty Sixteen theme to show the categories in the post meta data area for each post on the front page/home page and on single posts, and so their idea and this experiment/test worked to get around this annoyance.

Yes, my brother GC suggested trying/testing the dark color scheme and so I decided to try it so that people can see the snow effect, but once the snow effect is removed I might return to the default color scheme.

I am curious Flynn, how would you rank these color schemes for my blog from best to worst?

1. Default

2. Dark

3. Gray

4. Yellow

Thank you for directly commenting Flynn,
-John Jr

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Hi John, I think I have the opposite problem, I do not want te categories to spw with the post at all.I want the date & the comment link only. What I have right now is (so I also want edit to bot show either)

December 26, 2015
Categories General
Leave a comment on Test

I would also like to change the fonr color & italize the font on my tag line. I am not computer savy, I already took the site doewn once & had to recreate it.

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Hello Dmgarafalo,

I wish that we had an option to either show or not show each type of post meta data, so that people like me who want it to show it all the time and people like you who do not want all of it to show all the time, can both be happy even though we both want opposite/different things.

I could be wrong but I do not think that it is currently possible to have the category not show in the Twenty Sixteen theme if you have more than one category used on your blog and I do not think that it is possible to change the fonts in that way, without having to pay for the Custom Design Upgrade, and then edit the CSS or whatever it is called to change this.

Here is more information about the Custom Design Upgrade:

Here is more information about CSS and editing CSS (which I know nothing about unfortunately):

If you contact the staff about this they should be able to answer your questions and they should be able to help you achieve this if you contact them using their Contact Page ( and/or if you email them at (they are off for the holidays right now though); and you can also get CSS help for blogs from other users and sometimes from staff at the Forums here:

Make sure to let them know the address of your blog, and exactly what you need help with and exactly what you are trying to do and what you want.

I notice that no Primary Blog or Verified Service or Website is listed on you Gravatar Profile ( and I can not click your username to reach your blog so I am not even sure what the address/URL to your blog is so I can not even see your blog, and so I recommend adding the address/URL of your Primary Blog to your Gravatar Profile and in your Account Settings so that people can reach your blog and better help you when you have your blog address linked in those places.

These three links should help you learn how to do this:

Good luck and thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


Here is my delayed reply:

Default White background, followed by Yellow, Gray, and finally Black. The Yellow caught my attention first, though, Gray was relaxing. I’m used to the White background, though boring, and gave that the “best” rating anyway. The Black background and White fonts are okay but difficult to read and appreciate.

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Thank you for answering my question Flynn, I was hoping that you would answer, your detailed feedback was/is helpful; and now I feel even better about switching back to the Default color scheme for the Twenty Sixteen theme. 🙂

Have a good night,
-John Jr

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