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The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Press It, and the question was:

Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.

And this is my answer:

Here are four posts instead of three posts that I have read and liked and commented on in the past week: Sleep Paralysis, New Theme: Twenty Sixteen, Turbulent Emotions, and Dream Journal 12/6/15.

I think that Sleep Paralysis is worth reading because it provides details about an unique and scary sleep paralysis experience that is unlike any sleep paralysis experience that I have had so far, I think that New Theme: Twenty Sixteen is worth reading because it lets the public know about the new default WordPress theme Twenty Sixteen which is a general purpose theme that I think is just good enough for that role to consider using, I think that Turbulent Emotions is worth reading because it shows a long and detailed response to a Daily Prompt compared to mine, and I think that Dream Journal 12/6/15 is worth reading because it provides details of a somewhat rare unbalanced and very negative dream compared to my usual dreams.


I can only barely remember part of one unclear transitioning dream from last night that I did not voice record which took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I think that I was at my parent’s house working on or trying to fix a computer; and my parent’s were at the house.

At some point I realized that I had left my wallet at my uncle WC’s house in  my cousin CC’s chest of drawers, and so I left to walk down the street to go get my wallet before someone else finds it because I was afraid that someone would steal my money and other things inside my wallet.

I noticed that my dad’s work van was parked in or too close to the yard where my aunt JE’s house is supposed to be and so I was going to move it once I got my wallet, and I remember walking down the street outside my uncle WC’s house and I remember thinking about my wallet; but I can not remember if I got it or not, I just remember walking back up the street at some point, and I moved my dad’s work van by parking it near where the garden used to be by The G House.

The next thing that I remember is that my former male schoolmate GR lived in the house where my aunt JE’s house should be, something happened where my former schoolmate GR got angry and he started threatening someone in my family and/or I and other people in the neighborhood, and then he brought a gang of men with him to force his will over the neighborhood.

The dream then became a bit like the video game Fallout 4 and I remember gathering all the people in the neighborhood together to unite them so that we could stand up to my former schoolmate GR and his gang to let them know that they were not going to force us to do whatever they wanted, I remember inspiring everyone with speeches and eventually some of us got weapons, and we waited until my former schoolmate GR and his gang returned so that we could face them and stand up to them.

We stood up to my former schoolmate GR and his gang but I can not remember if we fought them or not, probably not, and I think that my former schoolmate GR and his gang backed down; and so I guess my plan worked, and the next part of the dream that I remember took place in a fictional field near a building near the neighborhood where my great-aunt RC used to live that some people call/nicknamed The Old H’s.

My parent’s were there with me behind a fictional building that was probably not far from the B Electric building, I remember my dad mentioning a job and/or about me getting a job, and I remember him getting angry and there was a bit of an argument between us; and I remember my untreated social anxiety disorder and maybe generalized anxiety disorder being mentioned and effecting / affecting me in the dream.

I remember my anxiety levels going up (especially generalized anxiety, and my social anxiety when thinking about various possibly future social situations and various possible futures and my current situation) and I remember feeling afraid just thinking about the job and some other things that my dad mentioned and some other things that I thought about, I realized that things were worse than I thought, and that I probably should try to get some help with my anxiety disorders again after things failed the last several times that I tried to get help.

This part of the dream was negative and I was lost in my negative thoughts and feelings, feeling weak and pathetic and like a loser and mostly hopeless because I could not see/find a path/way out of my situation that was positive, as I tried to think about my different options and as I tried to predict the possibly future outcomes of each option and as I thought about the past and what my dad said et cetera; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hi John Jr,

3 (gray) and 2 (dark) are tied in first place to me because they make text very visible and are dark/moody. Good for dream-based blogs.

1 (default) is also good! A very close second to the other two I mentioned above because of the contrast between text and background.

And 4 (yellow) is the worst of the four, in my opinion.

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Thank you very much for answering my question Tiffany Phan, your opinion was helpful, and I am curious which color scheme will get the most votes in the end. 🙂

Hopefully I am not annoying you too much, it is very rare that I get a chance to get opinions from people on my blog, and so I would like to get your opinion on something else if that is okay with you.

I blog anonymously so I try to not reveal too much about myself, which makes it difficult to make a proper About Page, and so what do you think that I should add or remove or change about my current About Page or do you think that it is good enough as it is?

Thank you,
-John Jr


Thanks to your feedback I have just finished updating my About Page to include some of my hobbies and a few reasons why I blog my dreams, I included this information in the existing sections of my About Page instead of creating two new sections, and so thank you again Tiffany Phan for your feedback which has helped me to improve my About Page. 🙂

-John Jr

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