Unexpected Guests

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Unexpected Guests, and the question was:

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

This is my answer:

I greet the unknown couple with a surprised hello and they greet me back with relaxed smiles on their faces as they enjoy their cake, and I ask them if they are waiting for someone and they reply: “Yes, we were waiting on you.”; they tell me that they have a message for me, I ask them what the message is, and they reply: “Après nous le déluge” and I suddenly wake up in bed like I was knocked out of the dream.

Snow Effect

From December 1st – January 4th has a temporary seasonal Snow Effect that you can add to/enable on your blog by going to the Classic Dashboard/WP Admin | Settings | General | Snow and enable Show Falling Snow On My Blog Until January 4th and click Save Changes; I found it odd that as far as I know (I could be wrong) WordPress (WordPress News, The Daily Post, WP Tavern, et cetera) has not announced this seasonal feature this year so I asked them if they were going to announce it and they said no, I think that they should announce it each year to let more people know because many new users and even old users might not know about it but they disagree, and so I decided to announce it on my blog since they are not letting people know about it and I think that this snow effect does not even have its own support page oddly so I think that they should at least create one for it.


I woke up to use the bathroom and voice record this dream and go back to sleep, but my MP3 player started acting weird and it would not record like maybe a button got stuck or the operating system was malfunctioning; and so I am typing this so that I do not forget any more of this dream, and hopefully I can go back to sleep if I am lucky. *It took me too long to type this, and so I will not be going back to sleep unfortunately*

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place at a fictional college and during one part of the dream I was going to different classes, one of the classes was a Math class, and another class took place in a large dimly lit room with carpet that slightly reminded me of a library even though it was probably not a library unless it was a classroom combined with a library; and I remember our class watching a fictional episode of the television series American Horror Story: Hotel.

I remember the character Rudolph Valentino having sex with a woman who I assume was his wife but that is all that I can remember of this class, there was another class that took place in a small traditional classroom and the teacher was a somewhat older woman with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who wore glasses but I can not remember any of this class, and I can not remember the rest of my classes; but I do remember talking to one of my former male classmates who I think was my former classmate SC but I am not sure.

During another part of the dream I was sitting down watching a professional tennis tournament on the television and I was watching a doubles tennis match with men and women, one of the teams was owned by Caitlyn Jenner, and Caitlyn’s team was not doing good; and so Caitlyn kept stopping to talk to/coach the team, and I remember the television announcers saying that some people felt that Caitlyn was babying the team and that Caitlyn was probably hurting the team by interrupting/coaching/talking to them too much.

Caitlyn was trying to be helpful and did not want the team to lose, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream; and the next part of the dream involved me walking outside along a nice small street and with nice walking and seating areas on the side of it at the college, and it seemed that maybe a parade might take place later.

This part of the dream felt like the video game Fallout 4 and I remember walking around thinking about how I would set up my defenses and where would I place turrets, I remember thinking about or seeing the character Preston Garvey and/or an old statue that reminded me of him, and there were other people walking around this area; and it was a nice day, and this was a nice small quiet area.

I remember thinking that I would have my turrets off the ground to better protect them and so that they could have better visibility, and so I walked near various structures (brick, metal, et cetera) along the walkway looking for good places to place turrets and I looked around at other ways to better defend this area; and at some point as I was going into one of the college buildings to leave or to go somewhere else, I noticed male and female FBI agents wearing suits and trench coats searching the area like they were either looking for someone or trying to secure the parade route, and I walked into one of the college buildings.

I was wearing a suit too and I remember walking among other students inside the building, the FBI agents entered the building as well and they continued searching the area, and when someone got close to them they would show their badges; and they kept doing this every time someone walked by them or when they walked by someone else, and it looked a bit strange to see them constantly doing this without saying anything.

For some reason I started to get uncomfortable and I started to worry that they might be looking for me because I probably looked suspicious earlier when I was walking along the parade route, and so I tried to avoid them; and at some point some other students and I went sliding and/or walking fast down maybe metal stairs that were designed in a strange way that forced you to move fast or slide fast down a slope/hill/drop of stairs and maybe smooth surfaces; and the FBI agents were behind us, I thought that I possibly heard one of them say something like maybe they were trying to get my attention or someone else’s attention like they were after them, and I was afraid that they would think that I was running away from them because of how fast we were moving.

Sliding and moving fast next to me was an over-fat woman with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair who recognized me from one of the classes that I went to earlier in the dream, I asked her if she was in my Math class but she was not sure, but she did not think that was the class; and so we started trying to figure out which class it was, and at some point we finally reached the bottom.

I followed the woman into the large dimly lit library-like class where we had watched American Horror Story: Hotel, I probably hoped to avoid the FBI, and another class was watching American Horror Story: Hotel; and they were on the part where Rudolph Valentino was having sex with a woman who I assume was his wife.

I assume that the woman and I were done with our classes for the day and maybe we were in the process of leaving for the day, I probably was going to go to the parade later, but I stopped in the class to waste some time hoping to avoid the FBI in this dimly lit classroom while the woman continued walking to where ever she was going; and as I was standing up I heard a male student worker with whitish colored skin who reminded me of my former male classmate BS jokingly say something like this to another male student worker: “This is the part where they show Valentino’s hard dick.” and they laughed.

I was still surprised that our class and this class was watching something like this for our class, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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