Third Rate Romance

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Third Rate Romance, and the prompt was:

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.

This is my answer:

Unfortunately I have never been in a romantic relationship, and so I can not answer this prompt; and so instead here is a video clip of a scene from the film Inception:


I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream but unfortunately I forgot most of what I remembered of this dream as I was using the bathroom, and so I lost most of the details before I could voice record the dream; but fortunately I still remember barely part of the dream.

The dream took place in a slightly dimly lit windowless unprofessional-looking operating room that felt like it was possibly underground but I am not sure, and this room had an opening on the left side of the room and one of the right side of the room; and there was also a bathroom, and there was an operating table in the room that probably did not look very professional.

I was here to have surgery, my parent’s were probably there to support  me, and oddly my uncle CE was the person who was going to do my surgery even though he is not a doctor and he is not involved in any medical job field at all but somehow I did not think that this was odd in the dream; and there was a fictional unknown man who was my uncle CE’s assistant, and they both were probably wearing scrubs and surgical masks.

The room and everything did not seem very professional or sterile or equipped enough but oddly I was going through with it anyway, I remember my uncle CE and the man prepping/preparing me and themselves for the surgery, and they asked me some questions and they were doing some tests and I was wearing a hospital gown; and they wanted to do some X-Rays of maybe my head and/or something else, but I needed to urinate first but they did not want me to use the bathroom for some strange reason.

I insisted that I needed to urinate badly and I probably refused to continue unless they let me use the bathroom, there was a pause where I got a short break, and I remember thinking about sneaking to urinate in the bathroom; but I was not sure if I should because they did not want me to urinate for some unknown reasons, and so I can not remember if I urinated or not.

I just remember talking to my parent’s and then walking into another room through the opening on the right side of the operating room and something happened that I can not remember that was like something from the video game Fallout 4, maybe we got attacked but I am not sure, and whatever happened interrupted things even longer; but I think that we got things under control eventually.

I probably returned to continue preparing for surgery and I remember laying on the operating table and they put some equipment on me and they hooked me up to something, they probably did the X-Rays and they probably started looking at them before starting the surgery, but I probably woke up while they were still looking at the X-Rays.

One of my forgotten dreams from last night or from yesterday had part of a song, maybe Dans Le Jardin D’Edenby the music artist Isabelle Antena in the dream:

The end,

-John Jr

6 replies on “Third Rate Romance”

Hello True George,

I assume that you are referring to the video that I added to my response to the Daily Prompt?

If so, I mentioned that I could not answer the prompt and why and so instead of just leaving that as my answer I decided to add a video that at least involved a disastrous relationship story even though it was not funny it was still better than nothing and it was partly on topic, and it involved dreams and my blog is mostly a dream journal and most of this post was about a dream so it somewhat fit that; and so it was just something that I decided to add so that my response would not be so empty, even though it was only partly on topic, and so it was not meant to be an answer to the prompt but to go along with my answer or lack there of.

If you were referring to the dream (which is part of my last dream from last night), then that has nothing to do with the Daily Prompt, I am starting to answer Daily Prompts first and then type my dreams below it in the same post instead of separating them as separate posts since the Daily Prompts are so short; but I do separate them by labeling the Daily Prompts and the dreams to hopefully help avoid confusion.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Thank you for answering that True George.

I had hoped that my post title, post tags, post category, labeling Daily Prompts and Dreams separately and starting them off letting it be known what they are in the post, my blog title, and my tagline would be enough to help avoid that confusion when they are typed in the same post.

Thank you for letting me know that is still not enough.

I know that it is not ideal to have them in the same post, but I currently type them in the same post for several reasons: Daily Prompts are short, my responses are usually short, my blog is mostly a dream journal, making them separate posts would take more time especially since I would have to pick another image for the separate post because I always pick an image to go with each post which is already time consuming trying to type my dreams each day and I would probably end up using some of the same images more than I like because I get most of my images from Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons, et cetera so typing them in one post but labeled separately works better for me.

That being said, what else could I do to help avoid confusion when typing them in the same post but labeled separately, in your opinion?

Thank you,
-John Jr


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