10,000 Spoons

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The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called 10,000 Spoons, and the prompt was:

…When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate.

Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classic.

This is my answer:

Here are the full lyrics to the song Ironic by Alanis Morissette and the music video for the song since the prompt lacked this for some strange reason:

Here is my stanza(?) / verses for that part of the song:

It is like ten thousand German Marks right after World War II

It’s meeting the woman of my dreams

And then realizing it’s a dream

Is this ironic, what do you think

Maybe somewhat ironic, but I don’t know what to think

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the beginning of the dream took place during the day outside in maybe a fictional version of the city of D (maybe in the shopping center near W Park, but I can not remember) and it was like the video game Fallout 4 because I was able to customize/craft things in the dream world using the workshop from Fallout 4, which is part of the new crafting system, and so I remember adding and removing and moving and changing and building things in the dream world like when you are building/customizing settlements; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

During the next part of the dream I was waiting during the day in a parked automobile in the parking lot of the shopping center near W Park, I was parked closer to W Park, and I was waiting on my dad who was inside a store where N Auto Parts should be.

At some point I saw what looked like my dad possibly robbing the store and maybe taking someone hostage, which made no sense but it somewhat looked like that, and it seemed that my dad was going to run from the store and jump in the automobile with me to escape.

I hoped that this was not true because I did not want to get involved with this and end up getting arrested, and I hoped and assumed that I was mistaken by what I thought that I saw; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream unfortunately.

The next part of the dream involved me seeing maybe a video or news story about a somewhat older man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair who wore glasses, I think that the man was maybe a well-known scientist and they mentioned his name and I recognized his name but I forgot the name after waking up unfortunately, and this man was from somewhere in Europe (maybe Norway or Switzerland or Austria or Sweden or Denmark or somewhere like that); and it talked about how he had joined a religious group or cult, and he ended up becoming a high-ranking member or the leader.

There were some scientists and other people who did not like this and they probably saw the man as an embarrassment to science after he joined the religious group or cult, but the man became very popular with some people around the world because the man and his religious group or cult would often help people.

They showed a video clip of the man wearing Catholic priest/Catholic Pope-like clothing and a tall decorative maybe whitish colored hat with goldish colored patterns and/or jewelry on it, and he was walking through the streets in a city that was maybe somewhere in South America; and many people who were mostly poor were walking with him and cheering in excitement as he walked through the city like he was very well-respected by the common people, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the night in my parent’s yard when I was walking around outside on the wooden board near the back door, and I saw lights on in the kitchen of The G House which is unusual; and I saw my male cousin DE through the window in the kitchen, he probably saw me and he turned off the lights, and then he walked into another into the dark so I could not see him.

I walked closer and I noticed that the back screen door of The G House was somewhat opened and an air conditioner that was mounted on the door is what was causing the screen door to stay partly open, I walked over to the back porch of The G House for a closer look, and I saw some curtains that were not there before on the back door and on some of the windows; and it seemed that my cousin DE was trying to use the kitchen as a bedroom and/or living room and/or he was finally using the kitchen.

The door did not seem to be locked so I tested this to see if I was correct, I was correct and I closed the door back like it was and maybe I locked it first, but my cousin DE heard the noise and he walked over to investigate; and so I ran and I hid in my parent’s yard so that he could not see me, he did not see me, and then the dream jumped to the next day.

The next day I was walking outside in my parent’s yard near the back door again but this time during the day, then to my surprise I saw the police (male and female) raid The G House, and so I walked over near the back porch of The G House to see what was going on; and several police officers walked on the back porch, my cousin DE was not there surprisingly, and so now the other police officers were still searching the house like they were looking for something and/or someone.

An unknown maybe somewhat older woman with maybe brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair walked over near the back porch crying and two female police officers (one had whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair, but I can not remember what the other one looked like) went to comfort her, and then they started walking her to the alley by my parent’s yard for some unknown reason so I opened our wooden gate in the alley by the pet cages for them.

One of the female police officers walked the woman in our yard for some unknown reason and they kept walking, but the female police officer with whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair wanted to look at the pets and maybe hold some of them; and so I showed her some of the pets, and we started with the pet cages with rabbits in them.

There were some baby rabbits in one of the cages and we found one of the baby rabbits on the ground alive and so I put it back in the cage, and the police officer wanted to hold a rabbit so I started to warn her about some of the risks and I told her how to hold them; but then she started to get scared, and so we waited for her to relax before attempting to pick one up.

While we were doing this there was a race happening on a fictional race track that was around the pet cages in the alley, there were several lanes on the race track and I had to move around to avoid getting ran over sometimes, and I noticed that there were some large whitish colored rabbits hiding in a nest that they dug under the cages; and so I was going to get them, but I had to keep dodging robots from the Fallout video games and maybe some pets and some other things who kept racing around the race track.

I remember doing a good job timing my dodges as I tried to get to the rabbits hiding under the cages, but I woke up while I was doing this.

The end,

-John Jr

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