People Messing With A Computer & Computer Files

I only got about an hour of sleep last night after I got strangely energized and focused after talking with some other bloggers and making adjustments to my blog and experimenting with my blog, I made changes to my blog title and blog tagline and widgets and About page and categories and more, and I am still making changes and experimenting with my blog today.

Amazingly I still managed to barely remember part of one dream even though I only slept for one hour, the dream took place during the day at a fictional one-story house in mostly a semi-indoor and outdoor area near or connected to the house, and my family was there including my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC.

I remember working on a computer and on some computer files on the computer, my family and some unknown people and unknown children would interrupt me and talk with me sometimes, and I remember wanting to sleep; but I did not want them messing with the computer or the files on the computer.

At some point I started trying to sleep on a small bed when things seemed quieter, sometimes someone would try to mess with the computer and the files but I would probably ask them to not mess with it, but I probably started to go to sleep; and some of the unknown kids, my brother CC, and some other people would get on the computer when I would fall asleep.

I would wake up and probably ask them to leave the computer and files alone then eventually I would go back to sleep, someone would get on the computer again, and so I had to keep waking up every so often; and eventually I decided to get up to make sure that the computer and the files were not destroyed or messed up.

I forgot to mention that throughout the dream someone was naming things using military designations, my brother CC recognized this and knew what most of them meant, I assume that maybe many of the files on the computer were named using military designations; but maybe some other objects in the dream world were named using military designations as well.

I remember talking about this with my brother CC as I checked the computer and the files, but I woke up to use the bathroom and voice record my dream but I made the mistake of getting on the computer instead of going back to sleep; and so I only got one hour of sleep today.

The end,

-John Jr

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