A Falling House In The Middle Of The Ocean

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I can only barely remember part of my last dream which was an interesting dream where I seemed to be on vacation with my family (including my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC), I remember most of us trying to sleep in a room that looked like my brother GC’s room, and I was trying to sleep on what looked like my real life bed near the window and air conditioner; but my sister-in-law JC was the only person not trying to sleep it seemed.

My sister-in-law JC seemed bored and like she did not really want to be there as she watched television and used her mobile phone while sitting on the edge of my bed, I would wake up sometimes, and I remember hearing my sister-in-law JC mumbling something about me like maybe I had been snoring and/or talking and/or moving around in my sleep; and so I decided to pretend to be sleep hoping to hear what she was saying about me.

It seemed that we were going to sleep, wake up the next morning, and leave this place to go fishing by boat and boating and exploring various areas by boat and then spend the night at a new location.

While I was pretending to be sleep my brother CC woke up to talk to my sister-in-law JC so I got up to talk to them before maybe going back to sleep, the next morning or later something happened that I can not remember where maybe the house/building that we were in was going to fall over, and so I remember us escaping to the roof of the building during the day.

We seemed to be on the roof of a small tall building/house in the middle of the ocean with our sailboat docked at the bottom, the water/ocean close to us was shallow and clear enough to see sharks and fish and other things in the water, and the water was probably a nice greenish and/or blueish color; but we were trapped on the roof of the building as the building/house was probably slowly tilting to fall/collapse into the water.

Jumping into the shallow water/ocean with sharks and other fish seemed too dangerous but I remember considering it, thinking about this felt a bit video game-like as I imagined the possible outcomes, and I remember hoping that I could restart time if something went wrong.

At some point we possibly used a rope or something like that to safely reach our sailboat, I steered the sailboat and my dad assisted me, and we sailed away trying to find an artificial island where we could get directions/advice about places to fish and places to stay; and so that we could probably report the collapse of the building/house that we had stayed at.

We probably saw some other small structures/buildings in the ocean and other people on boats, some of whom were probably fishing (like a father and son who were possibly from Italy or Greece), and we asked this father and son for directions; and they pointed out where the artificial island was, we thanked them, and I tried to sail us there through narrow turns near some large strange concrete and metal tunnel/sewer-like structures.

This was difficult and a bit scary but somehow I avoided crashing our sailboat and we eventually reached the artificial island, we recognized the artificial island like we had been there before, and it was a small artificial island with a large building that I knew had a library inside; and my brother GC and I went inside the building alone.

The inside of the large building was tall and creative and traditional and amazingly designed and decorated with tall wooden doors with amazing designs built into them, it was like a fine arts building combined with a library combined with offices for intellectuals/college professors, and some of those doors probably led to offices for various intellectuals/professors; and this building felt and looked like a place where you would go for knowledge and to enjoy the fine arts, and it felt familiar like I had been there before.

The library was on the left side when you walk into the entrance and the front of it was open where you could see into part of it, and I saw some of the librarians behind the counters; and one of them looked like Chris Jericho, one of them looked like my former male classmate BM, one of them was Mrs. H who is a librarian at The BP Library where my brother GC now works in real life, and there were at least two other female librarians who had whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair.

There was possibly several floors to this building but I can not remember because the ceilings were so tall, the library also looked nice but it was also small which was also nice, and my brother GC and I walked to the counters to wait in line.

As I stood there I looked around the amazing and somewhat familiar library and I remember seeing a large abacus-like structure on the wall to the right of the counters like it was used by the librarians for something, I thought that this was unusual and interesting, but then it was our turn in line; and I remember Mrs. H saying this to my brother GC: “You are not supposed to be here today, I thought that you did not have to work today?”.

Mrs. H looked stressed and a bit angry like it had been a busy and over-whelming day so far, my brother GC told her that she was correct but that he was here for something else, and then we started to let her know why we were there after we commented that things seemed busy; but a man behind me in line started talking to me when he heard us asking for advice on fishing and where to fish et cetera.

This man was my former male classmate LF who now had facial hair and he looked a bit different because we are older now, oddly I did not see our former classmate BM or Chris Jericho at this point, but maybe they were helping other people; and my former classmate LF and I talked about various things, and he gave me fishing advice as my brother GC talked with Mrs. H.

At some point we got the information that we needed, we thanked them and said goodbye, and then we started to leave to tell our family what we learned; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Sink Or Swim

Source: Wikipedia

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Sink Or Swim, and this is what it said:

Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation — on the job, at home, at school.

What was the outcome?

And this is my response:

Instead of giving an example directly from my own personal life I will instead use the first example that came to my mind from many years ago when I was playing the video game Rome: Total War.

I had a few units (maybe three or four) of Spartan Hoplites together in a small army that I was sending across the map to join with one of my larger armies, but on the way we got attacked/ambushed by a very large army of many units near a forest; and we could not avoid the battle, and so we had to fight this battle with only three or four units of Spartan Hoplites against an army with many units.

My general gave a speech before the battle started and then when the battle started I immediately sent my Spartan Hoplites to hide in the forest using the trees to cover their flanks while we use the phalanx formation to cover our fronts, and I wanted the enemy to have to split up and find me and have to fight my units from the front of their phalanx where we would have the advantage.

My plan lured a few units of the enemy into the forest right into one of my phalanx formations, my unit was holding them even though they were greatly out-numbered, and eventually I flanked them with another unit and we were winning; but eventually the other general sent in more of their units into the forest to surround us and finish us off, and I was forced to move all of my Spartan Hoplites together in a circle formation near some trees to cover their flanks while they all used the phalanx formation to cover their fronts.

This was my last stand, we were surrounded and my units were a bit tired after fighting for a long time and out-numbered, but my Spartan Hoplites kept fighting and the morale was still high enough where they were not going to route/flee so they were going to fight to the death; and eventually we routed some of the enemy units, and this caused some of the other enemy units to flee as well.

This left an opening on the battlefield that allowed me to flank some of their units causing heavy casualties on their side causing more of their units to flee, we started to chase some of their units, but then I let my units rest a bit as I waited for the enemy general unit and several of their other units to attack us.

I used one unit to distract the enemy general and his units and I flanked them with my other units, we probably killed the enemy general during the battle causing his units to flee, but then some of the previous enemy units who were fleeing stopped fleeing to attack us again; and so I spent the rest of the battle fighting off units who kept fleeing and then returning to fight until eventually the other army completely fled the battlefield after taking heavy casualties, and we won the battle.

After the battle my surviving Spartan Hoplites eventually reached one of my main armies, they healed up and trained up and built-up their units again, and eventually were able to move out with the rest of my armies to continue conquering the map.

That battle was basically my own Battle Of Thermopylae.

The end,

-John Jr