Playing Hide-And-Seek With Amy Adams

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day possibly in the city of D, I was with some of my family and maybe some unknown people and we drove to Burger King through the drive-through, and then we returned to a fictional version of my parent’s house and I remember some of the others trying to go to sleep at some point.

Some of my family and some of the possibly unknown people had special equipment that was used to record and store and upload videos to online streaming video websites like YouTube (they probably used this earlier in the dream before we left to Burger King), each set of this special equipment had a square-shaped part/area at the bottom, and this area needed to be cleaned sometimes; but most of them did not seem to clean their’s, and so I remember waking my brother TD up to clean his.

We removed a square-shaped object from this area and there were food crumbs and other debris, and I saw a few baby cockroaches/roaches crawling around very slowly; and so I told my brother TD to get rid of the baby roaches while I cleaned up the debris.

After I finished cleaning the debris I learned that my brother TD missed two of the baby roaches and that they had slowly crawled into one of the bedrooms, I remember being a bit angry and saying so, and then we started searching for the baby roaches; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional version of my parent’s house that was a multi-story house instead of a one-story house, the front porch was on an upper floor and it somewhat reminded me of the front porch of The G House, and I remember a group of unknown fictional people who I knew visiting me after I had used a computer in a room for a while trying to find something that would help me with something that I can not remember (I probably remembered part of this but I forgot to voice record it with the rest of my dream).

At some point they learned that I needed help with something, I can not remember what, and they contacted a male doctor by email or web chat for advice that would help me; and later in the dream they ended up getting a CD from him that would somehow help me, and they gave it to me. (There was more to this that I remembered, but I forgot to voice record it so now I can not remember)

At some point I remember hanging out with the group of people visiting me, who included the actress Amy Adams, and I seemed to know them all like we were friends; and I remember us sitting around in the living room talking and having a good time, and at some point we decided to play hide-and-seek.

They had me be it and I was to dress and act like a serial killer wearing a hooded sweat jacket/hooded sweatshirt/hoodie with a mask holding maybe a fake knife, they got this idea as we were talking and I was doing an impersonation of someone, and Amy Adams was going to do the counting and she was going to text my mobile phone when it was time for me to search/look for them; and so they had me go wait outside on the front porch while they hid.

As I was walking trying to go outside on the front porch I noticed an old worn police car reversing out of our yard and then it drove away, then I saw a man from probably Saudi Arabia wearing traditional clothing including a red and white colored keffiyeh on his head walking on our front porch, and this man rang the doorbell so I answered it.

I did not know the man and he told me that he was here to pick up an item of his, I had no idea what he was talking about and he did not know who had it exactly, and so I thought for a moment and then I assumed that he was talking about the CD from the doctor that was given to me by the others; and so I let him inside the house to take him to the CD to see if that is what he was talking about.

I had not used the CD yet and I forgot where I put it so we walked around looking for it, Mrs. Adams and the others were still busy trying to find hiding spots, but I woke up before I could find the CD.

The end,

-John Jr

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