The Daily Post had a Photo Challenge today called Weight(less), and this is what it said:

Show us the effects of gravity in your photo this week.

And my response to this Photo Challenge can be seen above (I did not photograph the image above, I found it on Wikimedia Commons about two years ago and it is called Why Books Are Always Better Than Movies by Massimo Barbieri, but I think that it meets the theme of today’s Photo Challenge).

*I just found out that only original photos can be used in the Photo Challenges so I broke the rules without realizing it when I created this post, and so I will no longer do any Photo Challenges unless I have original photos to use.

I will possibly keep this post instead of deleting it to avoid deleting the comments and to avoid messing up links made to this post that are on other blogs, I apologize for my mistake, and I would like to thank everyone for the support and I would encourage youΒ to warn other bloggers of this rule so that they will not make the same mistake that I did.* πŸ™‚

The end,

-John Jr

24 thoughts on “Weight(less)

  1. Um, yeah, now, technically, if you don’t mind my humble opinion, err, observation, I believe the photo challenges are supposed to be images that you’ve taken and thusly shared, not borrowed from Wikipedia. Am I incorrect?

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    • Hello Flynn,

      I was thinking the same thing and that is why I had not participated in the Photo Challenges yet, but then I noticed that they would allow poems in place of images and that some of the wording was not clear on this so I assumed that you would possibly be allowed to use an image even if you did not make it as long as you credit your source and make this clear in the caption like I do; and so I decided to give it a try today.

      Thanks to your comment/question, I have decided to contact WordPress.com about this, and so I just sent them a message asking them this question; and I will let you know what they say.

      Thank you for your question/comment Flynn, this will help me and others to learn the answer to this, and hopefully their instructions/rules will be updated to make this more clear in the future.

      Thank you,
      -John Jr

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    • Hello Flynn,

      I just got a response with a message from the creators of the Photo Challenge, photos do have to be original, and so I will no longer be doing Photo Challenges unless I have original images to use.

      Thank you for bringing this up, this has helped me to avoid breaking the rules, and embarrassment later on. πŸ˜‰

      -John Jr

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