Working As An United Nations Peacekeeper In Africa?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved the video game Fallout 4 and me thinking about it or playing it or watching someone else play it, and I remember also focusing on comedic things about this game; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place during the day in a country in Africa, my brother CC was possibly there as a soldier in the dream at first but I can not remember, but I do remember that at some point in the dream I was a soldier guarding people at a tall one-story building where locals and some tourists would go to; and I was sent to this country like a peacekeeper for maybe the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping forces or for the military of a certain country, and I was probably sent there because I was now fluent in French or because I knew a bit of French and I wanted to learn more French.

This area slightly reminded me of a fictional version of W Park near where the tennis courts should be, the building that I was standing outside of was near a fairground where a fair was taking place and The President Of The United States Barack Obama was supposed to be visiting the fair soon, and even closer to this building was a water park and an outdoor cinema that was popular with tourists.

The few soldiers of this African country patrolling the area were all men with blackish and dark-brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair wearing camouflage military uniforms and military hats or military berets and they had assault rifles (I had one too) with drum magazines, there were also random men with blackish and dark-brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair who were walking around with assault rifles with drum magazines as well, and they looked like members of poor gangs or rebel groups or militias or pirate groups.

I remember feeling and thinking that I and the military or peacekeeping forces who I was with should not be in this country but I was going to do my job regardless as long as I was not asked to do something against my beliefs, I wanted to be doing real peacekeeping and not making things worse, and I remember thinking as I guarded people inside the building by securing the outside of it.

Most of the tourists seemed to be from The United States and maybe Europe, most of them were older men and women with whitish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair but some were younger with children, and most of them were going to the water park and outdoor cinema; but some went inside the building that I was standing outside of, and this building seemed to be a place where people could buy food and drink and other things like that and relax.

Mostly locals visited the building and most of them had blackish and dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair and they relaxed and talked and shopped in this building and outside of it, but I started to slowly notice more and more men with assault rifles with drum magazines walking around who did not seem to be soldiers; and I sensed trouble but I was not sure who they were and I could not tell who were soldiers anymore, and eventually it seemed that all the soldiers from this African country who were patrolling this area had sneaked away to avoid the trouble that was about to start.

Groups of armed men from different groups started going into the building, fortunately everyone else left, and the armed men started arguing like these armed groups were about to have a shootout; and I was not sure what to do or who was who, the regular people were not at risk as long as the armed men fought inside the building, and so I decided to just guard the people outside and let the armed men fight each other because I would just get myself killed if I tried to stop them.

They probably had a shootout inside the building but I can not remember, at some point it was over, and people started returning to the area and things seemed safe now; and oddly I did not see any dead bodies, I did not seem to be needed anymore, and so at some point my parent’s were walking to the outdoor cinema to watch a film so I joined them.

My dad and I sat in the back and my mom sat in a front area, I remember laying on something that was hard and flat and could be used like a bed, and I remember an older man with whitish colored skin who was probably from The United States starting a conversation with my mom; and they had a good conversation, and the man seemed interested in my mom and he invited my mom and I to his house.

My dad magically disappeared at this point and I can not remember if we finished the film or not, I just remember us going to the man’s house that was in a field near a highway that reminded me of the highway in the city of LC near the school before you get to M Street, and we reached the field first; and my mom showed me some large greenish and some large blueish colored melons that looked like a combination of a pumpkin and a watermelon.

This was the man’s garden and my mom told me that she told the man that I liked melons (which I do not, but I will eat them sometimes) and that he wanted us to see his melons and that he was probably going to want us to taste them, and that he was probably going to give us one; and I remember hoping that the man was not going to ask me a bunch of questions, I did not want to stay long, and I wanted to go to the fair.

The man arrived in his automobile and he walked us around the outside of his house where he lived with his wife who we did not get to see, he took us to his melons to talk about them but I can not remember if we got to taste one or not, and as we were talking we saw people and judges racing up the highway like a race was talking place; and they were approaching the finish line, and so we walked over for a closer look.

The race was ending and then many of the racers started having soccer (football) practice in the field around us, the man was magically gone at this point, and my mom and I were walking through this area trying to avoid getting hit by the careless and rude soccer players; and I probably exchanged a few negative words with some of the rude soccer players as we dodged soccer balls and rude comments, and then my mom and I walked to the fair.

United States President Barack Obama was now at the fair at one of the food stand-like booths sitting down talking with people about various topics and there were probably pamphlets that you could take (my mom took one), there were various people handing out various pamphlets around the fair, and President Obama’s security seemed very light to my surprise (especially after what had happened earlier); and I was able to walk by him several times as I walked around the fair, and he probably even said something to me and I probably briefly talked with him as he used me as an example in whatever he was talking about to the crowd.

I wanted to sit at President Obama’s booth to hear more of what he was talking about once I finished exploring the rest of the fair with my mom, at some point I remember an old woman or my dead grandmother DE being at the fair too, but that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

The end,

-John Jr

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