Trying To Find Amarna Miller’s Name

I forgot almost all of my dreams from last night because of something that happened at the end of my last dream, and because I woke up to use the bathroom; so now I can only barely remember the end of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, my brother CC was in some parts of the dream that I can not remember, and he and I went to a library.

At some point while we were inside the library, and I remember holding an unknown blackish colored mobile device that was about the size of a mobile phone.

This blackish colored mobile device had a built-in and removable USB AC adapter and maybe two removable backup rechargeable batteries.

I remember needing help figuring out how to use it or how to do something with it.

So my brother CC and I walked around looking for a librarian to help me.

We walked through an open entrance to some hallways that led to some quiet parts of the library that seemed to be mostly for the librarians and for special events.

We found Mrs. PH, a real life librarian from The BP Library, and her daughter AH, who was a former schoolmate of mine.

They were standing in a meeting-like room with long wooden rectangular tables with many chairs that was connected to another room.

My former schoolmate AH seemed to be working at this library as a librarian, just like her mom and with her mom Mrs. PH.

I greeted them, asking them for help with the blackish colored mobile device.

I remember us briefly talking about my brother GC who also worked at this library, even though this library looked nothing like The BP Library where my brother GC and Mrs. H really work at in real life.

He was not at the library at this time because he had already worked his shift for the day, which is the morning shift.

My former schoolmate AH helped me with the blackish colored mobile device and I went back to the main areas of the library.

I am not sure where my brother CC went, and I spent the rest of the dream trying to find the name of a woman who was not even in the dream.

The woman was a pornographic actress from Spain, she had reddish colored hair, pale whitish colored skin, maybe blueish colored eyes, and the initials of her first name and last name were AM.

Her name was Amarna Miller, but I did not know her name.

So I remember searching on the internet trying to find a video or picture or something that would help me find her name.

The dream started to become unstable and fade into a semi-dream or semi-daydream as I started to wake up because my body needed to use the bathroom I guess.

I was doing my internet search for her name, the pictures, and videos and text were too blurry and faded to really see because the dream was collapsing.

I kept trying to find her name anyway, instead of focusing on trying to remember the rest of this dream or my other dreams from last night.

As I focused on trying to find the woman’s name even as the dream collapsed, I ended up forgetting most of this dream and all of my other dreams from last night by the time the dream completely collapsed.

I woke up, and I briefly continued doing this from a semi-daydream or semi-dream.

Imagine the scene from the beginning of the film Inception, where Dominick (Dom) Cobb was trying to memorize the information that he had stolen from Mr. Saito as the dream was collapsing.

Combine that with a blind Paul Atreides from the miniseries Frank Herbert’s Children Of Dune trying to use his prescience to help him see what his eyes could not see.

It was a bit like that and like trying to use your mind to see and guess what something looked like because my eyes could not see clearly because the dream world was collapsing.

The end,

  • John Jr

2 replies on “Trying To Find Amarna Miller’s Name”

Yes, your description of a collapsing dream and your effort to retrieve it is quite similar to my own experience. I wonder if it is the same for everyone. It can’t be, I’m sure, because there are people who claim they do not dream at all. They do dream, of course, at least experience all the stages of sleep including REM, or they would eventually grow sick and die. It must be, then, in the habits they have of sleeping and waking that prevent them from recovering the dream. I’m just speculating out loud with you, but what if this transition time you describe and which I recognize is actually a skill that can be learned given appropriate circumstances? It might be compared to the methods people learn to lucid dream.

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That makes sense to me Ingidisa/Jiuhl, I think that we are both on to something here, I think that it is a skill like lucid dreaming and that there is possibly a connection between both.

My problem with lucid dreaming is usually having the dreams collapse, but with practice you can get better at keeping them stable or at least get a few more things done as they are collapsing.

I think that some people possibly are correct when they say that they do not dream, they might sleep but not completely dream like we would, but I think that most of them probably do dream but they just do not remember it for various reasons; and so I think that the number people who do not dream at all much is probably very low.

It is pretty amazing when you know that a dream is collapsing and that you can not stop it, but you continue trying to do whatever it was that you were doing in the dream and/or you try to remember what you were doing so that you can remember things better when you wake up after the dream completely collapses; and it is even more amazing when this actually helps, and the longer you make it through a collapsing dream.

Anyway, thank you for commenting, and for reading my dreams. 🙂

-John Jr


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