Gang Members Disguised As Prison Guards And Prisoners?

I did not voice record any of my dreams from last night and I woke up and went back to sleep several times and I slept in a way that caused my back to hurt and/or my messed up bed mattress that needs to be replaced caused my back to hurt so I ended up forgetting most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the dream is that it took place during the day and I was with most of my family (except for my brother CC and his family), at some point during the dream I remember my family and I parking our automobiles in a field, but I can not remember what we were doing or where we had arrived from.

At some point we left in most of our automobiles but my dad left his automobile and some of his stuff (a generator, tools, and maybe a few other things) behind, and we drove to another location to a house or building; and I forgot to mention that the field and the new location that we went to were both in the countryside or country, and they both were not that far from each other.

I am not sure what my family and I were doing inside the house or building but at some point I remember maybe using my mobile phone to look at a blog and possibly a blog challenge where you were supposed to make a special tea and gather a few more objects and use those while reading a blog post and maybe doing a blog challenge post of your own, and maybe the tea mix was sent to me but I needed to get the cream or milk and sugar and other supplies to make the tea.

My dad was probably fixing something and he needed some of his tools that he had left in his automobile in the field and so I left in my automobile to get his tools and to get the supplies that I needed to make the tea and the other objects I needed for the blog challenge, and once I reached the field I started looking around for my dad’s tools.

Slowly other people started arriving to the field to hang out, I remember finding some of the supplies that I needed to make the tea, and I remember thinking about bringing my dad’s generator and other tools and a few other things to avoid them possibly being stolen because my dad had some of these objects scattered around in the field.

As I was collecting these objects I remember a group of men with whitish colored skin who looked and dressed and acted and looked at me like they were the somewhat dangerous country racist type driving to the field in trucks, I felt that they were dangerous and possibly armed and that they might attack anyone who did not have whitish colored skin, and that they might steal and/or vandalize your property; but there were other people around, and so it seemed that would help to prevent them from doing anything like that.

I still kept an eye on them as I continued searching for all the things that my dad had left scattered in the field, as I was doing this another suspicious and dangerous group arrived, and it was several armed men with light-brownish colored skin who seemed to be pretending to be prison guards who were escorting a group of chained up prisoners who seemed to be from different countries because I heard some of them speaking various languages including Spanish.

I felt that the prison guards were really gang members in disguise because of how they walked, talked (their accents, curse words, tone, and they were using one or two languages that were possibly Spanish and/or an unknown language spoken in a country in the Middle Eastern parts of Asia), looked and their tattoos on their necks and other parts of their bodies, body language, facial expressions, their weapons and how they held them, and more.

To me it seemed that the prisoners were probably really rival gang members in disguise who they had defeated, and who they were now keeping as prisoners for ransom and as slaves for their gang; and they seemed to be transporting them somewhere, but they were stopping to get some exercise and fresh air after driving for a long time.

I remember one of the prison guards or fake prison guards having a long barrel revolver and another had a pistol or submachine gun, and they all had their weapons out and they were carrying them casually in their hands.

They walked the prisoners to the middle of the field and they let them play maybe soccer (football), I remember trying to avoid getting hit as I walked around searching for my dad’s tools and other objects, and I remember having difficulty finding some of the objects that I had found earlier.

The prisoners seemed happy and excited to be able to relax and play a sport finally, but I woke up as I was trying to finish gathering the objects into my automobile to return them to my dad because I was taking to long.

The end,

-John Jr

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I know now why posting your dreams is time consuming for you. Finding the right words to describe them so that your readers go into the dream with you would be a task that seems hard to me. You seem to have gotten a nice hold on it though. I was right in that field with you. Thank you so much I will continue to follow your dreams 🙂


Hello Annette,

Yep, and today’s dream was a short dream. 😉

Thank you, and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

I am glad that you commented because I wanted to let you know that I tried to reply to your reply to my comment on your Annette Harris page but it would not let me, it seems that maybe that page and your About page have possibly been deleted, and neither of them are showing on your Custom Menu anymore.

If I am correct about this (I could be wrong) then you will probably have to make your About page again, and make sure to add it to your Custom Menu ( so that people can see it, and you may also want to add the Pages widget ( to your sidebar where people can also see a list of your Pages ( there as well.

This is the comment that I tried to make on your page earlier today:

“You are welcome Annette. 🙂

You actually already have an About page on this blog here:

You just need to copy the text that you typed on this page called Annette Harris:

And then paste that text to your About page that already exists. 😉

It is good that you are starting to learn now, welcome to the computer age. 😉

Thank you, but be warned, my dreams can be a bit long and boring. 😉

That sounds like a good plan for your blog, and I think that you will do well as you slowly learn more about

The Daily Post made a post recently with some advice for new bloggers:

If you need help do not be afraid to look things up on Support (, to ask other bloggers like myself (you can contact me from my Contact page or from my comment form on my posts), and to ask the staff for help using their Contact Page ( and/or by email at

Good luck,
-John Jr”

-John Jr

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John you are right my about page I deleted it and was trying to edit it and somehow it went to the trash. Learning to use a laptop clicker and everything is brand new to me. Finally own one myself. So, I have to start from scratch! I joined that meet and greet today so after completing all my to do on blog list for the day I spent alot of time looking at other blogs. I can see now why you recomended the about page info in the first place. Alot of people go there first before they go further. YIKES I BETTER GET MINE FIXED ASAP! Now that you confirmed my suspicions about my about page issue today I have to rethink the whole darned thing! I do thank you for helping me and as soon as I start tackling that page which may have to wait til later or in the morning. I will be referring back to your helpful links too. I swear an angel sent you to me today!!!!! lol Now, about those dreams….I was wondering have you ever heard of dream analogy? (I know very little about it) well some can’t remember their dreams or say they don’t dream at all. Dreams are supposed to mean something deeper “they say.” Have you ever looked deeper into your dreams? Just curious it really is none of my business but I like they way you write about them…..boring or not long or short I always visually try and put myself right along side of the author of most things I read so I will take more dream rides with you lol so to speak! John thanks for you help!

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Hello Annette,

Thank you for letting me know, back at the end of 2013 I made the mistake of deleting all of the comments on my blog, and so I can understand (though it was not an accident, but it was a stupid mistake on my part).

Yeah, using the laptop’s built-in mouse or whatever they call it, is strange and takes some getting used to; I am a fan of desktop computers, and so I use my ancient custom built desktop computer that I put together many years ago most of the time. 😉

Yep, The Daily Post had a post ( about how the About page is usually the most visited page on most blogs, and so it is a very important page in their opinion.

You are welcome, and I hope that those links and videos and information will help you to slowly learn and adjust to things here at 🙂

Dream Analogy, I think that someone mentioned that to me before but embarrassingly I had to look it up (which I just had to do again 😉 ), and I assume that it is another way of saying dream interpretation ( correct? 😀

Yes, it has been suggested and asked before in the past by several other bloggers, but I do not usually try to analyze my dreams very much and spend time typing my interpretations of every dream; but I do think about them at times and I sometimes somewhat do my own private analysis (nothing special, just my own thoughts and guesses, I do not know much or anything about dream interpreting), and sometimes I will share my interpretations of a dream or part of a dream if it seems obvious enough to me or if I think that I know what it might mean or represent to me.

I do not mind the question or sharing at all, my dreams are mostly uncensored, and if you ever have any questions about them or if you ever want to share your thought about them please feel free to ask or share your thoughts without worrying about offending me or anything like that. 😉

Thank you for the compliment, I try to give a lot of details to help the reader hopefully better visualize the dream as they read it, and so I hope my terrible writing style helps you as you read it; and please feel free to give me feedback on ways to improve my writing and/or any details that you would like me to start trying to remember so that I can add them when I type my dreams (there are certain details that I have a habit of never noticing or remembering). 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

-John Jr


So, John I stayed off my laptop and walked away for the evening. I’m replying on my cell app however lol! I had to before I turned it off click on the About page you my hero saved for me! Lol can I ask you if you would be terribly offended if I don’t use what’s on it? I like what you suggested I use much better and I can just copy and paste it from where you typed it for me. I may change it up some but I really sound alot better in that one than in originally even though some things are about the same. I read the commons in blogging 101 but could not keep up my blog and that and my life. Was a bit much on me for now. I do read everything that comes to me from WordPress via my email. It has been helpful for sure. But most of that stuff I could not do from cell phone app I was doing all my work from. Until I got my new laptop then the world has opened up for me. In changing myself I promised myself I would not let anything or anyone stop me for healing and bringing myself and others joy and happiness too. I had forgotten how much pressure I put on myself when something I have done ruins things and sort of sets me back a bit. (That’s what happened when I lost that page) I freaked out and had to walk away. I let myself become a Debbie Downer the old sorry for me girl! Just wanted to explain why I walked rather than fix asap.

I don’t know much about dream interpretation either. Just wondering if you had. John, I see nothing wrong with your writing style at all! I have recently seen a blog that when she told stories she did some types of emphasis on like the action going down…..I wish I could remember her site so you could take a look. There is only one suggestion about your writing I would love for you to think about. I told you I am a visual person. Well, most folks are. To learn stuff they like to see it rather than hear it. Google visual thinkers or visual learners and then do the same unless of course you already know their meanings. Well after you read how different people learn or the different types of learning try and apply that to your writings if you can in some way. You see I liked the idea of your writings being kind hit and miss…that’s how dreams are. When you asked me for suggestions I went back and read just the same one again. It came to my mind to make it more visual….that don’t always mean pics or drawings and such. It can mean adding a few more descriptive words maybe. Take the reader with you dreaming be unique like your blog and dreams are. Now, I am not saying I don’t already love the few I read! I do!! As a matter of fact you are on my re visit blog and look deeper list for Sunday and Monday!! I just wanted to give you some feedback like you did me! Your feedback actually makes perfect sense and will make my blog better. My advice may be lame to someone who already writes well. But, when I revisit I will be looking at older stuff cause newer stuff will be read from my reader when its hot off your press! OK one last question. At the bottom of every comment you have made it has a link well I click on it and it takes me to a page of all jibber jabber!?!? If it’s rating you or something I need to do to rate you nothing is there but jibber jabber!?! Please advise! Lol thanks again and links to how to do stuff will be great tomorrow I clicked on them and took a look. Lol tata John jr…….Annette

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I am surprised that you were able to type all of that from a mobile phone, well done Annette.

I would not be offended at all, feel free to adjust your About page as you like, I am sure that you will make it even better. 😉

It is good that you recognized the pressure and stress, and took steps to prevent it from building up even worse.

It is also good that you are following The Daily Post and maybe News, I do not participate in every thing either, but I do glance at a lot of their posts; and they do help me to stay updated, and I do learn some things sometimes.

Thank you for the compliment, and for the feedback; I will try to see what I can do to improve in that area, and hopefully be a bit more descriptive in the future. 🙂

Now about that link at the bottom of every comment in the notification area, that is a bug, and I reported it to the staff maybe a few weeks ago; and they acknowledged that it was a bug, but they have not fixed it yet.

I guess I will have to contact them again to make sure that they have not forgotten about this bug. 😉

Have a good night, and thank you for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr


No problem Annette, it is good to take breaks when necessary. 😉

Yes, I see, thank you very much; and thank you for letting me know. 🙂

I left a comment on that post with a surprise for you, even I was surprised when I learned how easy it was, and that it actually worked; and so this experience has helped me to learn something new as well. 😉

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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